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Tired of Sending Your Songs into a Void?
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Eddie G.
Eddie G.
Verified Review
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I can’t even explain how pleased I am with this service! As promised my music got organic streams in the time frame that we discussed at the beginning. I got added to real playlists that are curated and listened to by real people! There were no bots involved and I gained lots of new followers and monthly listeners! If you’re hesitant to buy, definitely go for it!

Use a trusted service, rated 4.96/5 stars!

Listen to Your Inner Motivation.
Not Insecurity.

Level up your strategy today. Seize *your* opportunity… for streaming success.

Why treat your career like a guessing game? Why sit back and watch others gain success? Why allow your music to vanish in the Spotify abyss?

Reach a network of 12 million+ Spotify listeners. Purchase your Spotify playlist placements today.

Payments are one-time only, per campaign:

“I want to gain some momentum with my song”

$ 379
  • Appear in 15 to 30+ active playlists totalling 300,000 to 530,000+ real followers
  • Enjoy estimated 271 to 832 daily streams
  • Receive authentic organic streams or your money back.

“I want to start building a community of fans”

$ 739
  • Appear in 30 to 60+ active playlists totalling 530,000 to 750,000+ real followers
  • Enjoy estimated 531 to 1,635 daily streams
  • Receive authentic streams or your money back.

“I want my message to resonate with the right people”

$ 1399
  • Appear in 60 to 90+ active playlists totalling 930,000 to 1,400,000+ real followers
  • Enjoy estimated 1,123 to 2,612 daily streams
  • Receive authentic streams or your money back.

Your payment information is kept private.

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Don’t Let Your Music Languish in Obscurity. Seize Your Rare Opportunity. With Guaranteed Placements!


Regular updates on your campaign.

Every two weeks, you’ll receive updates. This includes a spreadsheet of playlists & streams you’ve reached during the campaign.


100% Spotify royalties.

You’re eligible for all the royalties you receive from your streams. Your talent, your money.


Song plays by real listeners.

Once you’re placed in popular playlists, you’re heard by real people. By reaching suitable audiences, you can build a potential fan base.


Your song featured on popular & active playlists.

Successful playlist curators will place your song within their playlists. That way, people have a chance to discover it - and connect with your message.


More saves to user libraries.

Your song will be heard by 10,000+ listeners - many of whom will likely save and replay it. This also increases your chances of being noticed by Spotify’s algorithm… and placed on editorial playlists.


WhatsApp and email support.

Once your campaign is running, you can reach out any time. Get your queries answered through text, call or email.

Yep, This Is 100% Legitimate and Spotify-Compliant.
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Need Some More Help?

If you have any questions about our pricing, payment or features - please reach out to info(at)pitchplaylist(dot)com.

Connect With Eager Listeners. In Popular Playlists.

Want global listeners to hear YOUR melody and lyrics?