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You'll Reach New
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Build Your Success
With Quality Promotion

Reviewing Your Song

When your music is approved, you’ll be sent confirmation to process a reader only invite to your Spotify for Artists – so curators can track your campaign

Pitching Your Music

Successful curators will place your song in their playlists within three business days; then pitch your song to even more playlists while your campaign is running

Expanding Your Exposure

Your listeners will increase boosting the chances of your song being spotted by official Spotify playlists

Sending Your Streaming Updates

You’ll receive bi-weekly reports on how your song is doing - with your playlists placements

Setting Your Foundation

Your attention will increase that allows you to expand your fan base organically

Inspire a Global Fan-Base
With Your Music
Authentically Today

Your stream numbers will expand; plus, your personalized exposure will amplify your followers, the song’s saves, as well as monthly listeners.

Resonate Your Music
With The Right People
With a 100K Streams Campaign

You’ll receive streams from 100% real listeners.

Your potential fans will discover your music; then, you’ll start authentically building your fan base. 

 Your possibility for increasing your music’s reach will initiate today.

Artist - Kush Kush

The artist received a streaming boost from 9K+ to 30K+ daily streams.

Getting thousands of streams from the three playlists above, with a total of 20+ indie playlist placements.

Reaching countries like Germany, United States, Spain, Netherlands, France plus many more.

Then cities like Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid, Berlin, New York, also many more played the song.

Achieving more than the package contained 800k+ streams, with 300k+ listeners in eight weeks from starting the campaign.

The long-term growth got the song to 9.6M+ steams, 1.9M+ listeners with 130K+ fan-made playlist placements, 24 months after the curators finished the campaign.

Triggering algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly with 950K+ streams, Your Daily Mix around 400K streams, Radio over 300K+ streams, plus other similar types of playlists.

Your Promotion
Strategy Today

Karina W.
Karina W.
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We have found PitchPlaylist to be totally organic and transparent. They have been a big part of growing our Spotify presence.