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Reach New and Eager Listeners.
Without Moving an Inch.

Build Success.
Save Time and Stress.
With Top Quality Spotify Promotion:

Song Review

Once your song is approved, you’ll be sent confirmation. You’ll then be invited to Spotify for Artists – to start tracking your stats.

Song Optimization

You can sit back and relax. Craft more music. Meanwhile, your Spotify promotion campaign is personalized - according to your sound and vibe. That way, you receive the most value.

Pitching to Playlists

Successful curators will place your song in their popular playlists. Within just 1-3 business days, your song is heard by the right listeners. All across the world.

Sending Streaming Updates

You’ll receive bi-weekly reports on how your song is doing. You can view the playlists you’ve been featured on. Plus, find out how many people have been listening to your song.

Expanding Your Exposure

Appearing in playlists doesn’t just increase your listeners. You also boost your chances of being noticed by the Spotify algorithm…and featured on editorial playlists.

Setting the Foundation for Your Fan-Base

You’ll receive increased attention that allows you to expand your organic growth. So you can gain musical admirers… beyond your friends and family.

Use A Top Quality Spotify Promotion Campaign. Inspire a Global Fan-Base. Authentically.

You don’t just explode stream numbers. Your personalized exposure also increases your song’s saves AND your monthly listeners.

Tier 1 Package. Gaining momentum with your song.

You can receive streams from 100% real listeners. Like this successful pop song, peaking with 861+ daily streams.

Pick Tier 1 for expanding your song’s reach. Like this artist, you could be promoted by Spotify’s algorithmic playlists – such as Release Radar.

Genre: Pop/Rock. Stream boost: from 521 to 861 daily streams.

The song was placed in 18 indie playlists. Even algorithmic playlists picked it up!

Overall success achieved: 31,321+ streams, 10,212+ real listeners, 2141+ saves. In just 38 days.

Tier 2 Package. Start building a community of fans.

You can receive streams from 100% authentic listeners. Like this successful rap song, achieving 1631+ daily streams.

Pick Tier 2 for maximizing your exposure. You can organically build your fan-base – just like this hip-hop artist.

Genre: Hip Hop & Rap. Stream boost: from 900 to 1631 daily streams.

The song was placed in 26 indie playlists. Soon after, algorithmic playlists picked it up!

Overall success achieved: 86,723+ streams, 41,412+ listeners, 3923+ saves. In just 75 days.

Tier 3 Package. Have your song’s message deeply resonate with people.

You can receive streams from 100% genuine listeners. Like this successful dance song, accomplishing 2231+ daily streams.

Pick Tier 3 for global success. You could break through Spotify’s saturation… and attract international fans, like this artist.

Genre: Dance. Stream boost: from 1323 to 2231 daily streams.

The song was placed in 62 indie playlists! Soon after, algorithmic playlists picked it up. This boosted the song’s authentic reach even more.

Overall success achieved: 121,040+ streams, 71,151+ listeners, 5034+ saves. In just 90 days.

Simplify Your Spotify Promotion Campaign Strategy. You'll Be Able To...

Karina W.
Karina W.
Verified Review
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Having tried other services promoting our music, we have found PitchPlaylist to be totally organic and very transparent. They are easy to work with, have very clear communication - whilst always being super professional. We believe that they have been a big part of growing our Spotify presence.

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