Spotify vs. Pandora is complicated to choose between them because both are both leading music streaming applications, specially built for users to find and discover their favorite music without having to put many efforts.

The Music Genome project of Pandora is a breakthrough in the music industry. It was started in 2000, creating a new level for online music streaming. After that, a considerable number of competitors have come up the surface to borrow Pandora’s radio station model with different levels of success. SiriusXM decided to purchase Pandora because of its huge success.

On the other hand, Spotify came into existence by two Swedish Businessmen who just wanted to provide a platform for people to listen to their favorite music. It started in 2008, and it has become an enormous success making it one of the most successful music streaming apps by request with more than 140 million daily users active and more than 70 million paying monthly subscribers.

Let’s compare both to see which one is beneficial according to your taste and preferences.

Music catalog

Spotify has an infinite number of music files in their library, and they keep on adding new ones daily whereas Pandora’s only offer 1 or 2 million songs and these are nothing in front of what Spotify offers. Pandora signed the contracts with many major labels and then launched the Pandora premium which is a by-request service. Albeit, Spotify offers more music such as covers and remixes that you can’t find on Pandora.

Social features

When it comes to Spotify vs. Pandora, we can’t stop ourselves from comparing them both on account of the social elements and attributes that play a vital role. Both Pandora and Spotify realize this truth and have come up with many features, but Spotify has offered some unique features that you don’t see on Pandora, like an ability to connect with friends, share their favorite songs, and recommend artist and playlist. Spotify also adds a barcode to the songs which you can scan with your phone to get the data of the song. Spotify's service also lets users to incorporate the playlists and can also make them public for anyone to follow.

Music discovery

The project that Pandora is known for is Music Genome which made it a huge success and lets users listen to the music they like by a significant number of differences. Though Spotify doesn’t have a slouch under this category; the company has claimed to offer “discover weekly” playlist with an addition of 30 songs every Monday according to the songs you like and the preferences you have. Spotify keeps on trying to add this feature for you to discover new music and enjoy it.

Concluding on Spotify vs. Pandora, Pandora can't keep up with the upgradation and versatility of Spotify. Even though Pandora has launched a premium version for the listeners to enjoy an extensive collection of music, but it is still far behind Spotify.

Shahzaib Hassan