Do you have any idea how to get Spotify premium? Spotify lets you use the app to listen to thousands of songs and numerous podcasts without any charges for the initial 30 days as a trial period, but after that, the app asks you to go premium.

Luckily for you, the premium version has more benefits compared to the free one. So, you must know about Spotify premium to enjoy the music without any hassle. But, before upgrading Spotify, let’s have a look at the stuff you need to know.

The Cost of Spotify Premium:

Spotify allows the users to get a premium version for a very reasonable amount that is $9.99 a month. Apart from that, Spotify and Hulu declared a partnership for Spotify premium on 10th of April in which a user can use both services that are Spotify premium and Hulu in just $12.99 a month. Just $5 more but you could have some items of movies, documentaries, TV shows, anime, and Hulu Originals. If you happen to be a Spotify premium user, then you can try Hulu for three months without any cost to see if that works for you in the long-term. But the service is accessible for new Hulu customers or those who haven’t used it for over a year.

Spotify Premium for students and family:

Spotify premium gives a discount to the students who sign up with an email containing .edu. Furthermore, the family premium plan includes creating an account that can be used by five family members only for $14.99. But the catch is that all five accounts have to share the same residential address and credit card. So, this is how to get Spotify premium for students and family.

The offers in the Spotify Premium:

You get to download the music from Spotify premium so you can enjoy the music wherever you want without needing an internet connection. It offers different quality for streaming data usage. But the sound quality is of high definition, and you can skip the songs you don’t want to listen to. There are no sponsored ads in the premium version of Spotify which lets you enjoy music without any disruptions. Other than that, it offers a playlist of various songs to play on every different occasion for all your emotions. The icing on the cake is that you can make your own playlist as well.

Download the Spotify Premium:

Here are the two steps to know how to get the Spotify premium.

Step 1: Open the Spotify website, and you’ll have two options to get it for free or the premium version. Choose the premium version, and the page will redirect you to the payment plans.

Step 2: Insert your ID and password, and you will get a payment form. Fill in the information in the form, and the purchase will be made in your account at once.

And woohoo, you just upgraded the app for a premium version. Now enjoy the music without any interruptions with super high quality.

Shahzaib Hassan