Spotify gift card is elementary to buy because they are available online on corporate businesses or even online with the help of PayPal also though purchases in bulk are only available for some European countries.

Also though Spotify doesn’t sell its gift cards online now, you can buy still compensate for the defects of the gift cards.

Gift cards from retailers

Some retailers provide affinity gift cards in different measures as you just have to buy the item and ask the cashier to activate it. Then, send the card to the one who has to receive it. Large retail companies such as Walmart, Costco, Target, and Best often offer physical items, buy near the checkout stand at the shopping retails.

Gift cards online

There are a few online suppliers who happen to offer gift cards of Spotify as well. For instance, PayPal sells gift cards with the help of Spotify plan. You just have to pick a unit in terms of dollars such as 10,20 or 30 and add it to the shopping cart of PayPal. It proceeds towards the email, and you can now set your gift, and you can also add a short personal note.

Using a gift card

If you have got a gift card of your own then, visit the redemption page of Spotify to enter the card and your pin details to declare the account solvency. Just log in your details into Spotify’s homepage for a Spotify gift card, and fix instructions, consisting of the linked URLs to customer assistance webpages.

Gift cards in bulk

Spotify also offers a purchase in bulk program for gift cards, via a partnership with a supplier called Cadooz. But the problem is that the program is only valid for European countries. Hence, US-based are not entitled to join unless the gift cards are reclaimed with accounts in those 24 countries.

Spotify premium subscription for a gift card

You can buy a Spotify gift card and get back it on your profile of Spotify premium, and you can use only 10 euros for a month Spotify premium. You can now reclaim the Spotify code on your Spotify account to activate the subscription.

How to reclaim a Spotify code?

Log in to your Spotify or Facebook linked the account to redeem the gift card or you can also use Spotify’s redeem page to reclaim the system manually. You just have to follow four steps that are:

Step 1: open the link

Step 2: log in to the Spotify or Facebook account from where you listen to the music

Step 3: enter the Spotify unique code and press continue

Step 4: you can now reclaim the gift card for Spotify premium

By following these simple steps, you can claim the Spotify gift card to enjoy the music and have access to all the latest music by earning points and using them for your advantage.

Shahzaib Hassan