Spotify is a huge platform for the music lovers to listen to music or they can share it with the users in the whole world whether they are signed up or not. Spotify also has a feature especially for the artists known as Spotify for artists. As it is a tech company as well as a music service company but it keeps improving and upgrading the features and, in this article, Spotify for artists is defined in details to help you out.

Get verified on Spotify

Getting verified on Spotify is crucial if you are an artist because it will give you the complete access to view audience insights, playlist information, and song data for an artist’s ease. It will help you a lot to know your fans a little more by knowing from where you get fans and how old are your fans on average. Also what are the features they use to discover your music, and what other artists they follow and listen are. Additionally, with the attributes of knowing your fans, you can also manage your artist profile efficiently. You don’t have to wait for 250 followers to apply for verification; you only need to have a permit to use Spotify for artists.

Artists bio and profile

Now that you got verified on Spotify, you can make changes in your public profile, and you can also update your profile image more than once. With this, you can show your music to the people as well by picking the artists to pick at the top of your profile. Follow the steps, to update your bio on Spotify.

Step 1: open your Spotify for artists profile and click on the artist bio.

Step 2: you can write 1500 words or less so make it count and come up with a creative and entertaining bio.

Step 3: you can also add the links of the music you feature on by using @ symbol. And it’s done in just three levels.

Add an image gallery to your profile

Spotify also allows users to make a customized image gallery, after logging into your account, click on the profile under tools, above the “bio section” you can add up to 125 photos you like. These could be any images of you or something that is associated with you, and it is a great way to let your friends know what you are going to present shortly, and they will know you better.

Adding social media links and team members

Artists can also add links to their other social media accounts on Spotify to get discovered more as friends will be able to find you easily. Along with that, you can also add team members in your Spotify for artists to account in three access levels. The full access lets the members have a full grant on your account to edit or invite someone. The edit access is for the members who can update your profile, view stats, ask other team members to do the same, and can see other members information as well. The view access is allowed for those who can only see your streaming stats.

Shahzaib Hassan