If you have lost your patience on the random numbers claiming your identification on Spotify and you desperately want to know how to change Spotify username; we have good and bad news for you. Let's get over the bad news first; the bad news is that Spotify does not allow its users to change their name and Spotify hasn’t announced making any changes to this fact. Let's come over the good news now, and that is there are a few tricks through which you can change your username, and they are very easy to follow. Let's move on to the methods through which you can change your username on Spotify.

Use the desktop app

First of all, open the app on the desktop of your computer. You can locate the app in your start menu or the application folder on your MacBook. You can also open Spotify web player, but for that, you will have to link the account with Facebook. Now, click the down button on the top-right of the app and your profile menu will open. Then, click the settings option; scroll down and find Facebook under Social through which you can edit your social media and interaction settings. Now click connect to the Facebook button and a new pop-up menu will open and you have to sign into it. Enter your e-mail address and password in the boxes and click login; this will link in your Spotify account with Facebook. What do you get: Spotify will show you the username related to Facebook instead of the profile name you had selected during sign up process. If Spotify asks you to post to Facebook for you, you can choose two options; either go for not now or ok to connect your account. But if your username hasn’t changed yet, try logging out of Spotify and log in back with your Facebook account. So, this is how to change Spotify username linking with Facebook.

Use the mobile app

Open the Spotify app on your home screen or the apps tray on your device. Click on your library on the bottom right to open up your library. Tap the gear icon on the top-right to open up your settings in a new page. Now, click on the social in the settings menu to open social media and interaction settings. Tap connect to Facebook option and sign up by inserting your id and password. If you are asked to allow Spotify; choose to enable or continue in the pop-up window. Or if you are already logged into your Facebook account just tap on continue and you will be logged into your account. Enter your email and password in the insert box and click login. It will link your Spotify account with a Facebook account, and your username will be changed to Facebook’s username.

See, it’s that easy to change your username within a few minutes. Now you know how to change Spotify username so, go ahead and link to your Facebook account and enjoy the username you had always wanted.

Shahzaib Hassan