Nevertheless, streaming music takes up all your listening time; a good playlist is challenging to discover. With a large number of songs, the various genre of music, and a wide range of artists available on the app, finding the best Spotify playlists need a real-time to find. For many, Spotify is the answer to every question related to music, and it’s full of vibrant and straightforward playlists. The best playlist on the Spotify is the one with a unified theme; a playlist you can listen to even if you don’t know the songs, but you really enjoy them.

You can also make your own playlist, but that requires the right amount of time to add up the songs because sometimes it's fantastic to discover new music rather than choosing it. By going through the great lengths, here is the best playlist that you can listen to Spotify in hope there your stressful search will become easier.

Have a great day!

When you feel sad and are not in a good mood, all you want to hear is something cheery that makes you feel happy again then Spotify’s have a great day is the one for you. In this playlist, best songs from the classic artists and talented newcomers will make your day and make you feel positive once again.

New music Friday

On every Friday, the kind staff of the Spotify assembles this playlist to check out during the week. A hip-hop mix will help even the most listeners who do not have time to catch up with the music will come to know what’s happening with the world. Hence, this is why it is called the best Spotify playlists.

U.S. top 40 hits

With a busy schedule, it has become difficult to keep up with the upcoming new pop tracks, let’s just Spotify do it for you. The playlist is updated continuously Top 40 songs user tracks the biggest singles of the day; the songs will make you look hip among your teenage children and boring co-workers without the hassle of listening to pop radio artists.

Walk in like you own the place

Whether you are planning for something big such as a big meeting, an interview, a date, or a big game, this music equals to an electrifying speech. The songs included in this playlist boost the self-confidence which is going to raise the bar for you.

I love my ‘90s R&B

It's Friday night, and you want to dance around the living room to the classic sounds or pick up a friend while having a blast but maybe you had forgotten all about it when the Spice Girls left the radio. However, you can enjoy them now.

‘80s Rock hit

It is also considered as guilty pleasure playlist because everyone hates on hair metal, but deep down we all know we just love it. You may not miss something about good old days of 80 but it was without any doubt a great era of music, and this is why this playlist makes a way into best Spotify playlists.

Shahzaib Hassan