You might have known Spotify as the best music streaming app, but you may not know that Spotify podcasts have arrived to rule in the world. So, for everyone who doesn’t know how to download podcasts via Spotify; here’s a guide to make you understand the process.

What's new about podcasts?

Spotify declared to purchase Gimlet Media and Anchor at the same time, but Gimlet Media took the attention of everyone. Gimlet is an award-winning company that has the acquisition of some of the best podcasts including The Cut on Tuesdays and Reply All (the mp3 version of the popular NY mag site). Gimlet manages everything for its holder which includes distributing, producing, advertising, and marketing that means Spotify receives the best category group in each category of the podcast industry except for holding the organization.

In the press release, Spotify declared the purchases and said, “Gimlet will bring Spotify its best-in-class podcast studio with dedicated IP development, production, and advertising capabilities."

It is the area where Anchor comes in because Podcasting is not easy but Anchor makes it easier as you can record with its iOS and Android apps, but it also provides distribution and hosting, so it’s not worth worrying about server space costs. Let's have a look at the best Spotify podcasts for everyone’s interest.

Today, explained

If you work late hours or are a student who hardly gets time to keep themselves in touch with the world; tune into the podcast as Sean Rameswaram takes a trending topic and makes it clear and accessible. It is a great way to revive your political views by tuning into Today, explained for 20 minutes from Monday to Friday.

Dr. Death

Spotify podcasts present right crime podcasts that are reliable and classic, but the best one with freshness and twists is Dr. Death which consists of six parts. The story is about Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon sentenced to live a lifetime in prison after killing two of his patients and injuring four others.

In the dark

In the dark completed its second season in the past summer and the podcast is based on an investigation which enlightens the knowledge of law reinforcement and judicial process. The podcast won an award Peabody in 2017 which is the most prestigious honor in Journalism.

30 for 30 podcasts

It is the podcast version of the 30 for 30 on ESPN which takes the listeners into the depth of the people, teams, and the events that form modern sports. The current episode was about World Series Poker of 2003 which resulted in huge Texas Hold ‘Em poker boom of the ‘00s.

There is something for everyone with different preferences and interests of the people in Spotify podcasts. Tune in to them to listen to one of the best podcasts of the Spotify. Add your podcast to Spotify, see your show stats daily, get in-episode analytics, and much more you will just find on Spotify.

Shahzaib Hassan