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A Top Spotify Playlist Pitching Promotion Company.
That Cares About Your Music’s Potential.

Giving you a fighting chance to be heard… above the hordes of Spotify releases.


“They carry news that must get through // They choose the path where no-one goes”

– Led Zeppelin

Hi there! David Parker here, proud creator of Pitch Playlist.

Like you, I’m an avid lover of music.

Like your audience, I enjoy discovering new songs through Spotify.

My belief: you have a potential fan base out there. Given the opportunity, they would appreciate your song. And connect with your message.

My goal: to help your music get the attention it deserves. Using a network of playlists curators, your song is heard by the right listeners. So you can build your fanbase – straight from your own home.

What can you expect?

Looking forward to helping your music career thrive!

Customized promotion. For unique songs.

Verified Review
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David is extremely easy to work with and spreads my music much better, and cheaper than I can. I rest assured that my music will be placed on authentic playlists and listened by real people, so I can spend my time producing music.

Don’t Get Crushed by the Spotify Avalanche. Seize Your Chance for Success.