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Top 5 Spotify Playlist Pitching Promotion Companies

Top 5 Spotify Playlist Pitching Promotion Companies

To emerging artists, Spotify seems like a wide-open field of possibilities. Sure, it can be a path toward a great career, but it’s not exactly “wide open” – it’s elbow-to-elbow with competition. Considering that Spotify has 345 million users, it’s no surprise that every artist under the sun is building a profile on the platform.

But how do you stand out among all these competitors?

The right playlist pitching services can take your following from underground into the stars, but that word “right” is critical. Not all these services have the same connections or the same ability to get you on successful playlists and build your following. Cut to the chase by getting the details about playlist pitching and getting to know the best with these top Spotify playlist pitching promotion companies.

What Is Playlist Pitching?

The concept of playlist pitching is surprisingly simple. Spotify users around the world use playlists to enjoy a steady stream of music that fits their current preference or mood without having to choose one artist or select individual songs.

When you land a spot on these playlists, you’re exposed to thousands of new listeners who could become lifelong fans.

The tricky part is getting those playlists’ curators to hear your music, love it, and add it to their playlists. That’s where a pitching service comes in. These services maintain relationships with large and small playlist curators, so they can pitch your music to the curators for whom your song would be the best fit.

Top Spotify Playlist Pitching Promotion Companies

As with any type of advertising or promotional service, every provider has its strengths and specialties. To avoid wasting your investment with a subpar promoter, focus on these top Spotify playlist pitching promotion companies who have the skills and networks to help you thrive (and the results to prove it).


PitchPlaylist is an established leader in the playlist pitching world. They’re distinguished by their trusted plans guaranteeing thousands of plays during your campaign, but they’re also distinguished by their results. PitchPlaylist has a laundry list of clients who have witnessed (and benefited from) their impressive pull with top curators.

This service offers three tiers of plans based on your budget and your goals. Each one guarantees a certain number of streams, and your songs stay on your playlists until you hit that goal. This is unique because it ensures that whether your song ends up on a few large playlists or many small ones, you get the same amount of exposure.

Another distinguishing factor about PitchPlaylist is that this service exclusively specializes in Spotify promotions. With all their expertise solely focused on Spotify and on playlist pitching, you know you’re getting the best in the biz.

Omari MC

Omari MC is particularly unique because, as successful as their playlist pitching service is, it’s merely one way they can boost your career. They may as well be a one-stop shop for growing musicians.

Omari offers mixing and mastering as well as vocalists and songwriters to help you create the perfect mix for your songs. From there, they can help you build your overall development strategy including marketing and building your web presence. Their Spotify playlist promotion service is one more way they help artists supercharge their growth.

Playlist Push

A traditional playlist pitching service is a win-win for artists and curators alike. Artists have the chance to get their songs featured on a wide range of playlists and curators are getting tips on great new music to make their playlists even more popular.

Playlist Push takes it a step further, though. This service actually features a reward system for curators, who can earn cash by reviewing songs through the service. In addition to listening to the songs, though, the curators get paid by actually giving feedback to the artists.

This can be a great tool for artists who are first emerging on Spotify. It teaches you what appeals to curators, especially curators within your genre, so you can boost your chances of landing on more playlists in the future. In the course of this, curators can also add more music to their playlists.

Playlist Push is a more unique type of playlist pitching service because the pitching isn’t the only service. As a result, it doesn’t provide clear-cut pricing with specific guaranteed results for various plans.

Plans and pricing are customized depending on your goals.

YouGrow Promo

YouGrow gets its name from its original specialty: YouTube promotion for musicians.

While YouTube promotion is still a key part of YouGrow’s menu of services, they’ve expanded and built up their Spotify promotions as well.

On top of their results, one aspect of YouGrow that artists love is its wide range of price points. If you compare the number of guaranteed streams between YouGrow and PitchPlaylist, you do get more bang for your buck with PitchPlaylist, but YouGrow starts at a lower price so it can fit into newer artists’ budgets. is a company that strives for not only impactful results but transparency along the way as well. They’re known for their database of particularly popular playlists, which range from 1,000 followers to 1.2 million followers. This service has worked with huge names like BTS, Iggy Azalea, and Travis Scott, so it’s no surprise that it delivers powerful results.

Building Your Fan Base with Playlist Pitching

Whether you’ve been in the industry for a decade or two or this is your first dip into the pool, playlist pitching can be the catalyst that gets you in front of new fans and builds your following. To get started with a trusted partner among the top Spotify playlist pitching promotion companies, learn more about PitchPlaylist or book a consultation with our team.

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