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USA Real Spotify Promotion Service of 2021

USA Real Spotify Promotion Service of 2021

When you were a budding musician as a child or a teen, you probably believed that in the music industry, talent led to success.

As you learned more about the industry, you discovered that talent is only one part of the equation. In reality, some of the greatest musicians have barely made a dime off their work because they weren’t discovered by the right people.

That’s where Spotify promotions come in. There are plenty of ways to improve your visibility on Spotify, which is what leads to a growing fan base, more publicity, more followers, and ultimately, more revenue. But how do these services work and how do you find the best USA real Spotify promotion service of 2021?

How USA Real Spotify Promotions Work

There are actually multiple real ways to appeal to US audiences and promote your music on Spotify. Let’s look at the two major options: Spotify ads and playlist pitching services.

Spotify Ads

A Spotify ad is a brief audio ad, usually featuring a part of your song, which plays between a listener’s songs. It has clickable visual art that displays during the ad too so users can easily click through to your Spotify profile.

With these ads, you can target specific users to hear your ads. You can aim toward listeners with particular ages, locations, interests, favorite genres, and so on.

Playlist Pitching Services

One way many Spotify users enjoy using the platform is by listening to playlists that fit their current moods or their tastes. Getting a song onto these types of playlists is a fantastic way to get in front of new listeners and hopefully convert them to loyal fans.

A playlist pitching service is focused on facilitating that process. They’re connected with an extensive network of playlist curators and they pitch your music to those they think may enjoy your music, peg it as the perfect fit, and add it to their playlists.

In the short term, you’re reaping the benefits because you rack up streams every time your song comes up in the playlist’s rotation. In the long term, you’re introduced to thousands of new potential fans who are likely to start following your music.

Why We’re Calling These “Real” Spotify Promotions

You may have noticed that we used the term “real” Spotify promotions. The reason for this is that there are some promotional services that take more underhanded, inauthentic approaches and they lead to “fake fame” rather than real results.

For instance, some services will sell you fake followers or fake plays. Your profile starts looking more popular than it really is, and the goal is for this to lead to more Spotify recommendations and for it to impress potential fans who land on your page.

The problem is that these attempts tend to produce few if any results and the “followers” you get are bots rather than real people who will buy your music and concert tickets. These tactics are also against Spotify’s terms of service so if they discover what you’re doing, your profile could be banned altogether.

Benefits of a USA Real Spotify Promotion Service in 2021

As much as every artist would love to think that the quality of their work alone will bring success, the fact is that you need the right promotions to get that great music in front of people. If you’re aiming to appeal to a US-focused audience, investing in real Spotify promotion services brings you a variety of advantages.

Authentic Results

At the end of the day, both playlist pitching and Spotify ads hinge on the same goal: to get your music into true potential fans’ ears. By spreading your music to the world, they attract real fans who will stick around and support your music career for years to come.

Reliable Results

While Spotify ads’ results vary based on the strategy and targeting you use, playlist pitching services are particularly predictable. They’re not new to the scene, and they have an established track record of strong results. In fact, many of these pitching services guarantee a certain number of streams.

Brand-Building Transparency

You hear about branding most often in reference to corporate marketing, but make no mistake – it’s a must-do for artists too. You want to build a sense of familiarity and trust with your fans, and this bond will lead them to be longer-lasting fans.

Real Spotify promotion services allow you to build your fan base without any deceptive or tricky practices. If you opt for buying fake followers or using other inauthentic strategies, that trust you’re building is at serious risk if and when your fans find out about those campaigns.

Choosing ethical techniques instead lets you build your brand without putting it at risk at the same time.

Affordable Promotion Without Label Representation

Streaming certainly offers more opportunities to independent artists that didn’t exist before, but it’s not the great equalizer that some believe it to be.

In fact, the top four major labels are responsible for 87% of the content on Spotify.

With those giants looming, indie artists don’t stand much of a chance without a helping hand. Authentic promotion strategies are reliable and affordable enough for nearly any artist to put them to use.

Snowballing Growth

In the music industry in general, success begets success. The larger your fan base is, the more people are telling their friends about you, and the faster your fan base grows even more.

People in the US love to share new favorites with each other, so in the US, in particular, these types of real Spotify promotions serve as a catalyst that snowballs.

You build that initial circle of fans who tell more and more people about you. Before you know it, one playlist pitching campaign is still leading to word of mouth years later that continues building on itself.

Reaping the Rewards of USA Real Spotify Promotion Services of 2021

We live in an era of great opportunity but great competition as well, and that’s especially true for the saturated US music scene. Reading up on the top USA real Spotify promotion service of 2021 is a first step toward standing out and watching the streams pour in. To take the next step, learn about our playlist pitching service and book a consultation.

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