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The Best Way to Get Your Song on Spotify Playlists

The Best Way to Get Your Song on Spotify Playlists

Spotify has truly been a game-changer for musicians, especially independent artists.

It’s a place where you can skip over the arduous mess of contracts and middlemen to connect more directly to your fans. If the right ears find your music on Spotify, it can launch you into a successful career before you realize what’s happening.

That doesn’t mean everyone and anyone will thrive, though. There are strategies and investments you can use to help your future fans find you. One of the most beneficial ways to do this is by landing a place on Spotify playlists.

Why Spotify Playlists Are So Critical for Artists

There are several strategies you can use to boost your Spotify success, like paying for ads. Playlists offer a more direct path toward stardom, though.

If you get your song onto a playlist with 10,000 followers, that’s 10,000 new listeners who could hear your song because of this one playlist.

You’re getting your music in front of new listeners, and because these listeners are tuning into a playlist that fits your song’s style, they’re already particularly likely to love your song.

One play could be all it takes to gain a lifelong fan. In fact, 68% of Spotify users between 19-40 discover new music through playlists and algorithms.

While that’s the top advantage of playlists, there’s another benefit too: the streams. Let’s say 1,000 people are listening to the playlist when your song comes on. You immediately get 1,000 new streams. If your song comes up in the rotation five times per day, you could be getting 5,000 streams every day from that one playlist. In that way, playlists can be a cash cow.

The Hard Ways to Get Your Song on Spotify Playlists

Now that you know the key benefits of landing your song on Spotify playlists, how do you actually get on those playlists? There are hard ways to do it and there’s an easy way.

Cross Your Fingers for Luck

Miracles happen. Sometimes a musician releases great music, a successful curator or two happen to come across it and add it to their playlists, and the lucrative ball starts rolling. This does happen from time to time, but your chances of hitting it big are far lower if you just hope for curators to find you on their own.

Pitch to Playlists Manually

If you want to take your success into your own hands, you can pitch your song directly to playlist curators.

You’d start by researching the most successful playlists that align with your music and particularly the song you want to pitch.

After you compile a list of the top playlists to target, you’d need to find a way to contact each curator individually. Some link their Spotify pages to their social media profiles so you can message them on those platforms, but others don’t.

Assuming you can find a way to contact curators, you’ll need to write a quick but compelling pitch message and send the message and your song to each of them individually. Keep in mind that some curators are flooded with pitch messages so you may not always hear back, and you may need to follow up. You also need to keep track of who you message and when so you don’t send the same pitch to a curator twice.

If you read all this and thought, “Yikes, that sounds like a lot of time and work,” you’d be right. If you don’t have that kind of time and you want more reliable results, there’s an easier way.

The Best Way to Get Your Song on Spotify Playlists

The most profitable way to get your music on Spotify playlists is…drumroll, please…using a playlist pitching service.

Essentially, this service does all that work above for you.

They maintain an established network of large and small playlist curators with comprehensive data about their followers and music preferences. Based on that data, the service pitches your music to the right curators and lands you a spot on playlists that get your music in front of real listeners.

Unique Advantages of a Playlist Pitching Service

The most obvious advantage of a playlist pitching service is that it saves you from all that arduous work of manually finding and pitching to playlist curators. It comes with plenty of other advantages too, though.

Established Connections with Playlist Curators

When you message a curator to pitch your own music, you’re someone they don’t know who’s messaging them out of the blue.

Playlist pitching services, on the other hand, maintain long-term relationships with a large number of curators.

The pitch means more coming from them because there’s already a familiarity and connection. As a result, the curators may be more likely to add you to their playlists.

Targeted Pitches

Playlist pitching services don’t just throw your music at a wall of playlists to see what sticks. They have data on what types of music tend to do well on which playlists and they use it. This allows them to specifically pitch your music to curators who are more likely to pick it up and playlists where it’s more likely to perform well.

Comprehensive Data

As your song runs on a variety of playlists, the playlist pitching service will track much of this data for you. It can show you which playlists you’re on, how many streams you’re getting from them, how long you stay on them, and so on. You can also watch your plays and followers grow on your own Spotify profile so you can see your investment in action.

Real Results

This is the ultimate advantage of playlist pitching: it gets great results and it has years of data to back it up. Your music gets in front of real listeners who already enjoy your genre and mood of music and are more likely to take it and run with it. For all types of artists, this can be the catalyst for a thriving career.

Making the Most of Spotify Playlists

Some artists burn through time and money over and over trying to make their Spotify profiles successful, with ads and campaigns galore. Getting your music onto the right playlists could be all you need to start growing your fan base and a playlist pitching service can make that happen. To get started, learn more about our playlist pitching service or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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