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Spotify Playlist Pitching in 2021: What’s It All About?

Spotify Playlist Pitching in 2021: What’s It All About?

Spotify has long been one of the most used streaming platforms for music, so it’s no secret that nearly every artist is working toward uploading and popularizing their music on the platform.

While it’s given plenty of independent artists a voice, the reality is that there are also many artists who haven’t yet broken through and found success on Spotify.

In many cases, the difference is whether they were able to promote their music adequately. Today, the ultimate way to do this is with playlist pitching. Here’s the breakdown of everything you need to know about Spotify playlist pitching in 2021.

What Is Playlist Pitching?

Playlists are among the top ways for artists to get their music in front of new listeners on Spotify. Listeners follow playlists that focus on their favorite genres or moods of music, so not only do they get a variety of music that fits their mood du jour, but they get to discover new music within that category too. Every artist wants to be that treasured discovery.

Playlist pitching is a promotional service which, as its name suggests, pitches your music to these different playlists’ curators. The pitching service has a network of varied curators that it sends your music to. The curators give your song a listen and if they like it, they add it to their playlists.

It’s as simple as that: you get your music to influential curators who send it along to their listeners, who fall in love with your music and become lifelong fans.

What Makes Playlist Pitching Stand Out Among Other Spotify Promotion Strategies?

Playlist pitching isn’t the only way to promote your music on Spotify, but many experts in the field agree that it’s your top choice for several reasons.

Reliable Results

There’s one reason you invest in Spotify promotions: to get results.

So let’s cut to the chase: playlist pitching gets results. It has a long track record of success, with many artists reaping the benefits of thousands of new streams per day.

Of course, there’s a caveat: not all playlist pitching services are equal because they all have different connections with networks of curators. Choose an established pitching service that has proven results from their clients.

Authentic Results

With playlist pitching, not only are the results strong but they’re authentic and easy to see. Once your music lands on great playlists, everyone who hears it is a potential new fan. They hear you, they like you, and they follow you. Unlike some other services, your stats won’t be artificially inflated, so you know that the followers you gain are real people who want to support your career.

Targeted Promotions

In a unique way, playlist pitching allows you to target users with particular musical tastes.

Remember, each playlist is curated with a specific genre, theme, or mood in mind. Curators will only add your song to the playlists that fit your song best.

If a user is listening to a playlist that features your song, it’s because they’re interested in the same type of music as your song. In other words, not only are you getting your sound in front of thousands of new listeners, but they’re listeners who are particularly likely to love your music because they’ve already chosen a playlist that’s in that realm.

Ethical Tactics

As you learn more about Spotify promotions, you’ll inevitably come across companies that are selling fake plays or fake followers.

The idea is that this inflates your stats so that Spotify recommends your music to more users and so that users are more likely to “follow the crowd” by following your music.

Of course, this is a deceptive practice that doesn’t read well with fans (or anyone, generally). Playlist pitching, on the other hand, is an honest and above-board process that doesn’t put your reputation at risk.

No Risk to Your Future Spotify Success

On top of your reputation as an artist, those fake plays and fake followers have another serious risk. They’re against Spotify’s terms of service, so if and when Spotify discovers that you’re using them, your artist profile could be shut down and banned from Spotify. All your investments and your potential income from Spotify go out the window.

Why Is Spotify Playlist Pitching More Important in 2021 Than Ever Before?

Playlist pitching has long been a powerful tool to promote music on Spotify, but in 2021, it’s a wiser investment than ever before. There are three reasons for this.

Increased Potential

It should come as no surprise that in 2020, the year of staying home, many streaming platforms saw a surge. Spotify is no exception.

In fact, the platform saw a 27%+ jump in users in 2020 alone.

You know what this means: more users leads to more income potential for you as an artist. Hop onto the opportunity with an effective promotion strategy and get your piece of that growing pie.

Growing Awareness of Unethical Practices

Remember those unethical promotion practices we mentioned, such as buying fake plays and fake followers? Spotify remembers, too.

As time goes on, Spotify learns more and more about these forms of fraud and they get better at tracking them down.

Those tactics are riskier now than they’ve ever been, so it’s best to steer clear and opt for a more ethical strategy like playlist pitching instead.

Consistently Growing Music Base

It isn’t only Spotify’s user base that’s growing but its music catalog as well. In fact, 60,000 new songs are uploaded every day. For artists, that means more and more competition. The natural result is that you’re more likely today to need a promotion service like playlist pitching to stand out and gain a following.

Putting Playlist Pitching to Work

If you want to make this the year that you make leaps and bounds in your music career, add a to-do list entry to try Spotify playlist pitching in 2021.

It’s a perfect way to make sure your fantastic music gets the gratitude it deserves.

To get started, learn about our playlist pitching packages and purchase yours today.

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