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Spotify Music Promotion Service for Artists in 2021

Spotify Music Promotion Service for Artists in 2021

Without a doubt, the dawn of online streaming was a dramatic change for the music industry.

In earlier years, an artist’s only opportunity to have a profitable career was to get involved with a record label, particularly one of the top labels with the most connections. While that’s still an option, artists today can also make a living with music by appealing to fans directly on streaming services like Spotify.

That opens new paths to success, but it still doesn’t exactly make it easy to become an established artist. After all, there are 70 million songs on Spotify, with about 60,000 new songs added each day. That’s a lot of competition.

How do you stand out among those millions and attract genuine fans to your music? You can start by using a Spotify music promotion service.

What Are the Types of Spotify Music Promotion Services?

There are a variety of ways to promote your music on Spotify and reach new listeners, but there are three primary types of services you’ll see: playlist pitching services, ads, and purchased streams or purchased followers.

Playlist Pitching Services

One of the most effective ways to get your music in front of new listeners is to land a spot on curated playlists.

Usually, these playlists specialize in particular genres or moods of music, and when your song is placed on one, every listener on that playlist is exposed to your sound. Not only do you get thousands of new streams from the playlists alone, but you’re likely to pick up hundreds or thousands of new followers and fans along the way.

Artists rarely get on these playlists by simply waiting for curators to discover them, though. A playlist pitching service has connections with curators in a variety of genres. You pay a fee for them to pitch your music to those curators with the likelihood that many of them will add you to their playlists.

Spotify Ads

Spotify ads may be the most straightforward Spotify promotion strategy: you create and pay to promote ads on Spotify directly. There is a variety of targeting options so you can aim your ads toward specific ages, locations, and so on.

Paying for Inauthentic Streams or Followers

While Spotify ads and playlist pitching services are entirely ethical and responsible, there are also underhanded ways to promote your music on Spotify.

Namely, you can pay directly for streams or followers.

The goal of these services is to make your music look more popular than it is, and this aims to convince Spotify to recommend you more frequently while also impressing users who discover you.

There are issues with this, though. First, there are no guarantees that you’ll get any real recommendations, followers, or listeners. Second, while your stats may look good while you’re paying for the service, they’ll crash as soon as you stop paying, and this won’t look good for incoming potential fans.

Third, these tactics are against Spotify’s terms of service. If and when they discover that you’re using them, you could be banned from Spotify altogether. And fourth, even if Spotify doesn’t discover your use of these services, fans may in the future. This could put a serious damper on your reputation, which is enough to end any artist’s growing career.

How Does a Playlist Pitching Service Work?

Let’s take a deeper dive into playlist pitching services in particular. The way these services work is actually rather straightforward.

The service, like PitchPlaylist, has established a network of known playlist curators. These curators and their playlists span every genre, mood, trend, and popularity level.

When you pay for the service, your music is pitched to a certain number of these curators depending on the package you choose.

From there, the curators simply listen to your music. If they like it and think their listeners will like it, they’ll add it to their playlists. Songs often stay on their playlists for up to three months. During that time, you’re getting your music in front of any listener who’s tuning into that playlist when your song comes up in the rotation.

During your campaigns, you’re able to track your results and see which playlists have your songs actively playing, how many streams you’re getting, and so on. You can watch your followers and listens climb on Spotify along the way.

How Artists Benefit from Playlist Pitching Services

Playlist pitching services are highly popular for artists who want to grow their following on Spotify, and it’s no surprise why. There are several key benefits these services offer.

Intense Exposure

Depending on the number and quality of playlists that pick up your music, you could get a massive amount of exposure to new listeners in a short period of time. In many cases, we’re talking about thousands of potential fans who can easily click into your profile to hear more and to follow you long-term.

Targeted Exposure

Not only are you getting exposure to a large number of people, but you’re getting targeted exposure with a playlist pitching service too. Each playlist caters to a particular type of sound, so when a curator picks up your music, you know that the listeners who will hear it are already interested in your genre.

Authentic Growth

Playlist pitching services are entirely authentic, so the results you get are authentic too. The listeners and followers you receive are genuine people who love your music and who may be lifelong fans. The potential financial impact is unlimited.

How Listeners Benefit from Playlist Pitching Services

Playlist pitching services are designed to benefit artists, but that’s not where their reach ends. In fact, their existence offers unique benefits for listeners too.

New Music Selections

Users listen to curated playlists because they want variety. If they wanted to listen to a stale rotation of the same songs over and over, they’d make their own playlist. Because playlist pitching services expose curators to tons of new music in a short period of time, listeners are more likely to get a constant flow of new music into their playlists.

Exposure to Rising Artists

One of the chief reasons people listen to Spotify playlists is to discover new music. They may not realize it, but it’s difficult for curators to find those great rising stars through other means besides playlist pitching services. As a result of these services, listeners get the benefit of more opportunities to get to know rising artists.

Investing in a Spotify Music Promotion Service for Artists in 2021

For an artist to succeed, they need more than just amazing music. They need to get that music in front of listeners too. A Spotify music promotion service like a playlist pitching service is one of the most effective ways to make that happen. Get started by learning more about our playlist pitching packages today.

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