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Leverage the Latest Spotify Promotion Strategy in 2021

Leverage the Latest Spotify Promotion Strategy in 2021

For many independent musicians, publishing your music on Spotify and other streaming platforms is a long one.

First, you may have taken years to hone your talent and gain the confidence to share your sound with the world. Second, you had to gather the cash to actually record and produce your songs, or perhaps you took the longer route of learning to do the production yourself.

So, when you finally upload your music, it’s the culmination of years of work, practice, and courage. It’s also merely the beginning of building your successful career. The next step toward streaming success is learning to leverage the latest Spotify promotion strategy in 2021.

Why You Need Paid Spotify Promotion

Why do you even need to invest in Spotify promotions in the first place? Now that your music is on a thriving platform, won’t fans find it? Unfortunately, it’s not a simple matter of putting out great music and watching the fans flow in. There are several reasons why you probably need promotion services to build your following.

Heavy Competition

As a highly popular platform, Spotify is absolutely inundated with music.

There are currently about 70 million songs on the platform, with about 60,000 new songs uploaded every day.

That’s a lot of competition you’re facing. No matter how wonderful your music is, many potential fans won’t find you on their own because there are simply too many other artists attracting their attention.

Targeted Promotion

The most critical factor in growing your Spotify fan base is getting your music in front of listeners who fall in love with it.

It’s not just a numbers game of getting in front of as many people as possible, though. You need to connect with listeners who are interested in your type of music. This type of targeting is extremely difficult to achieve without paid promotion services.

Strategic Competitors

Remember those 70 million competing songs? Those artists aren’t simply sitting back and waiting for listeners to find them.

They’re investing in promotional strategies to attract more attention, so if you’re sitting on the sidelines, you’ll fall even further behind.

Keep in mind that many of these artists are backed by major record labels. In addition to the promotion services you have access to, they have the connections that their labels bring to the table. For you to keep up, you’ll need some help getting in front of listeners.

Potential for Profit

We’ve primarily talked about the challenges on Spotify and the reasons why it’s difficult to succeed if you don’t invest in promotion strategies.

Let’s not forget the positive, though: Spotify has the potential to be a veritable goldmine for you as an artist.

It’s a platform that can earn you great profits on its own, and it can also be a launchpad for an astronomical career. With all that potential up for grabs, Spotify is a wise and often lucrative investment.

The Latest Spotify Promotion Strategy in 2021: Playlist Pitching

There are plenty of ways to promote your music on Spotify, some ethical and some not. To truly make the most of your Spotify profile and to build a strong fan base that will stick with you in the future, you need the latest and greatest strategy: playlist pitching.

As you may know, one of the top ways Spotify users find new artists is through curated playlists. In fact, around one-third of Spotify listening time overall is spent listening to user-curated playlists.

You don’t need to simply hope that popular curators discover your music, though. A playlist pitching service has connections to a network of varied and successful playlist curators. The service pitches your music to a certain number of curators who tune in and if they like what they hear, they add your music to their playlists.

Benefits of Playlist Pitching

As we mentioned, there are several ways to promote your music on Spotify. What makes playlist pitching such a strong option? There are four major advantages.

Strong Results

Ultimately, the driving force behind your choice for Spotify promotion services is to get results.

That alone is a key reason to go with playlist pitching.

This type of service has particularly strong results, and the numbers don’t lie. There are songs receiving up to 7,000 or more streams per day during their campaigns, with those numbers continuously growing as the campaign went on. All that exposure leads to huge gains in followers, fans, and ultimately, profits.

Flexible Pricing

As far as branding and marketing go, playlist pitching services are rather economical and offer several pricing options. PitchPlaylist, for example, offers three tiers of packages which you can run as many times as you choose.

Ethical Tactics

As we noted above, not all Spotify promotion strategies are above-board. Some practices, like buying fake followers and fake plays to make your music look more popular than it is, could leave you banned from Spotify altogether.

That high level of risk also comes with minimal results as well as the added risk of tarnishing your reputation if and when your fans find out.

Playlist pitching, on the other hand, is entirely ethical and responsible. You’re merely paying to get your music in front of influential curators, who are spreading the music they like to thousands of listeners. It’s no different from paying for ads, so you don’t run the risk of Spotify banishment or a damaged reputation.

Authentic Results and Easy Monitoring

Along with the strong risks of shady Spotify promotions, there’s another challenge: the entire purpose of the tactic is to inflate your stats artificially, so there’s no way to gauge your results until the campaign ends and all those fake followers and plays vanish.

That isn’t the case with playlist pitching.

Every new follower and play is entirely organic and authentic, so you can watch your followers climb and know that there are true fans behind each of those clicks. This means you can gauge your results throughout your campaign and that your results actually last.

Learning to Leverage the Latest Spotify Promotion Strategy in 2021

Investing wisely in Spotify promotions can make a world of difference as you build your music career, but only if you choose the right techniques. Opt for the latest Spotify promotion strategy of playlist pitching and watch the plays and fans flow in. To get started, learn more about how PitchPlaylist works.

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