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How to Buy Playlist Placements on Spotify To Increase Streams Today

Little-Known Ways to Grow A Fanbase With Spotify Playlist Placements.

You’ve poured your soul into your music, and there’s nothing you would love more than to be able to watch others hear it and enjoy it the way you do.

Of course, you’d also love to be able to make a great living with that music as well. For many artists, though, standing out from the crowd and getting noticed is the most difficult part of their careers.

One way to make your voice (and instruments) heard is to promote your music on Spotify, but that’s not always as straightforward as you might expect. Take playlists for example. While every artist knows that landing on great playlists can be the golden ticket, how do you get on them in the first place? Can you buy a place on Spotify playlists?

Can You Buy Spotify Playlist Placements?

The short answer to this question is “yes and no.” In general, unless you negotiate a specific deal with individual playlist curators, you can’t directly pay to place your money on playlists.

You can, however, pay to pitch your music to a variety of curators and land on dozens of playlists.

This service is known as a playlist pitching service. You pay a fee to be pitched to a certain number of curators or to land on a certain number of playlists, ranging from 15 to 90+ playlists. The result is getting your music in front of real listeners and fans of your genre who are likely to become long-time fans.

Benefits of a Playlist Pitching Service

If you’re looking for ways to stand out among the massive Spotify music library, playlist pitching services can be the perfect path forward. They offer a variety of benefits that other types of promotions generally don’t.

Real Results

Much like social media, on Spotify, there are ways to buy followers and streams. These strategies are meant to boost up your stats and make your music look more popular than it truly is.

The goal is to encourage real listeners to follow you and to more frequently appear in Spotify recommendations, but as soon as you stop paying, those fake followers go away and your stats tank.

With playlist pitching services, on the other hand, your results are genuine and authentic. You’re simply getting your music in front of true listeners, and generally those who already follow your genre, so they’re likely to enjoy your music and become active fans. Considering that about one-third of Spotify listening time is spent listening to curated and user-generated playlists, you’re likely to get thousands of new followers who will stick around.

Ethical Advertisement

Some Spotify promotion tactics, like buying streams and buying followers, are not only temporary but they’re often seen as unethical.

After all, you’re essentially trying to trick the system and the users into thinking your music is more popular.

Playlist pitching services are authentic and completely above-board. Similar to buying ads, you’re paying for an opportunity to get your music in front of potential fans. There’s no need to worry about your reputation being tarnished by your promotional practices.

Time-Effective Pitching

Playlist pitching is nothing new, but artists in the early days had to do it all by themselves.

You would have needed to find the right playlists for your genre, get the curators’ names and contact information, write a pitch and send it to each curator individually, follow up if you didn’t hear back, and so on. It’s an exhausting and ineffective process.

Playlist pitching services do all that hard work for you. We already have networks of known curators we can pitch to quickly and efficiently so that your music gets out there sooner.

More Successful Pitching

When you use a playlist pitching service, your pitches aren’t just more time-efficient. They’re more likely to be successful as well.

Our service already has an established and credible relationship with hundreds of playlist curators.

When music comes from us, it carries the credibility and recognition of that relationship with it. If you were to individually pitch your music, you’re merely one more artist in a curator’s overflowing inbox, so you’re less likely to get the benefit of a full listen.

Is a Playlist Pitching Service Ethical?

Ethics is an important concern with Spotify promotions in general because there are so many unethical practices out there.

Not only may those unethical practices be shut down by Spotify if and when they’re discovered, but they put your reputation and your trust with fans at serious risk.

Playlist pitching services are entirely authentic and ethical. You’re paying for pitches, not paying for streams. It’s no different from buying ads because you’re simply buying the opportunity to get your music in front of listeners. There’s no need to worry whether fans will discover your practices later and feel cheated or manipulated.

Are My Results from Playlist Pitching Services Authentic?

Playlist pitching services are not only ethical and above-board, but they offer authentic results you can gauge as well.

Your playlist placements will increase your number of streams because you clock a new stream for every user listening when your song comes up on each playlist. However, you’re gaining new fans along the way so your streams won’t drop back down to their earlier rates when your playlist campaigns end.

In addition, you aren’t paying for fake followers either. Every follower you gain during your playlist campaign is a real person who has heard your music and loved it. Those fans will remain fans even after your playlist campaigns end.

Choosing Your Spotify Promotion Strategies Wisely

Promoting your music on Spotify is a direct and powerful way to get it out into the world and build a following as an artist.

The strategy you choose could have a long-lasting impact on your career, though, either positively and negatively.

Go for the option that’s known to be effective, authentic, and ethical: a playlist pitching service. To get started, learn more about our playlist pitching packages.

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