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Best Independent Music Promotion Services 2021

Best Independent Music Promotion Services 2021

In decades past, a musician’s only hope for making a living as an artist (much less raking in a luxurious income) was to sign with a record label. After all, the only ways to spread music were generally radio stations and live shows, and labels had the connections to get those spots for their musicians.

Then technology caught up. With the dawn of streaming as well as social media and the web in general, it became far easier for artists to be noticed without a label’s connections and deep pockets. Today, many artists actively choose to remain independent because of the freedom it offers.

Of course, this route isn’t without its downsides. Even with the increased visibility of streaming platforms like Spotify, independent artists have some added struggles.

The Unique Challenges for Independent Artists on Spotify

Spotify is a big step forward, but it’s not exactly an equalizer for independent and label-represented artists. If you’re independent, there are actually several ways in which you’re at a disadvantage compared to artists who are backed by labels.

Less Promotional Buying Power

When an artist is on a record label, the label is investing in promotional strategies on their behalf.

Labels, of course, have deep enough pockets to afford far more extensive promotional strategies than independent artists can.

This puts you in competition with artists who might be marketed on multiple social media profiles, on the radio, on YouTube, in the news media, and more. Even within Spotify alone, label-represented artists are likely to have more promotions running in their favor.

Fewer Inherent Connections

Labels aren’t just valuable for their cash; they have powerful connections throughout the music industry too. They can hook up their artists with media spots and opportunities on Spotify and off Spotify, and these are often opportunities that indie artists can’t access.

Missing Out on Label Playlist

Landing your song on popular playlists is one of the most successful ways to get exposed to new listeners, ultimately growing your fan base.

Most playlists are open to any songs that the curator feels are a good fit for their audience.

Here’s the tricky part, though: many of the playlists with the largest numbers of followers are operated by major record labels. They’re not always upfront about it, but these playlists typically only add artists from their own labels, so you don’t have access to them as an indie artist.

Fewer Collaborations

Another powerful way to break through on Spotify (and in the music industry in general) is by collaborating with larger artists.

On Spotify, in particular, that other artist’s followers will hear your song and are likely to start following you as a result.

In order to arrange a collaboration with another artist, though, you need to get in touch with them. Label executives can introduce any pairs of artists they want and foster a collaboration, but as an independent artist, you don’t have that kind of access.

Why Independent Artists Must Choose Their Promotional Services Wisely

As much freedom and artistic authenticity as the independent road offers, it also makes your choice of Spotify promotion services more important than it is for label-represented artists for several reasons.

For one, you don’t have the deep pockets of the record labels.

Because you don’t have as much money to invest in promotions, you may not be able to afford an investment that doesn’t pay off. You need to pull as much profit as possible with every dollar.

On top of this, you probably have few promotional opportunities outside of Spotify. Label-backed artists could have teams of PR experts, social media managers, and marketing geniuses finding exposure for them at every turn. Your competition is heavy, so you need your promotional services to work well.

There’s also a positive reason you want your Spotify promotions to pan out, though. As an independent artist, you don’t have a record label taking the lion’s share of your pay. At the end of the day, you may bring home more money per stream than label-represented artists, so you have more to gain from a successful Spotify following.

Top Independent Music Promotion Services in 2021

With all that’s at stake, how do you find the best independent music promotion services? Start with these top picks.

PitchPlaylist is a playlist pitching service that maintains an extensive network of playlist curators.

The concept of the service is simple: PitchPlaylist pitches your song to curators, the curators give it a listen, and if it’s a good fit, they add it to their playlists. This gets your music in front of the real listeners who follow these playlists, ultimately growing your exposure and your fan base as a result.

After you’re on those playlists, you stay there until your song reaches the total number of streams that were guaranteed in your playlist package: either about 25,000, 50,000, or 100,000 streams. Regardless of your package, this is a lot of impactful exposure to likely new fans.

Omari MC

Like PitchPlaylist, Omari MC offers playlist placement services to increase your following. What makes them particularly interesting for indie artists, though, is that they also offer a variety of other services like mixing and production. If you haven’t quite mastered that part of the process, these services could be a handy addition.

Building Your Musical Success on Spotify as an Independent Artist

Making a living while making art is every musician’s dream, and it’s more possible today than it’s ever been thanks to streaming platforms.

You can push it forward by taking advantage of the best independent music promotion services of 2021, starting with those on this list.

To begin, learn more about PitchPlaylist and how we can help.

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