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Best Buy: Real Spotify Promotion in 2021

Best Buy: Real Spotify Promotion in 2021

You’ve decided that 2021 will be the year to make sure your Spotify success skyrockets. The tricky part is figuring out how to make that happen.

Releasing amazing music is only one piece of the equation.

To build your audience and your streams, you need to get that great music in front of the right listeners, and that’s where Spotify promotion comes into play. While there are many promotion options out there, not all of them get real results. This year, opt for an organic playlist pitching service.

What Is a Playlist Pitching Service?

Landing a spot on popular playlists is one of the best ways to grow your Spotify success. A playlist pitching service can make that happen.

This service is an organic Spotify promotion strategy that does exactly as its name implies. We have a vast network of influential playlist curators and we pitch your music to those who best align with your sound and your target audience.

The curators listen to your songs and if they find them to be a good fit, they’ll add them to their playlists.

Why Do I Want My Music to Land on Spotify Playlists?

Your goal on Spotify is to get as many streams as possible, and playlists are a major pathway to building your streams quickly and efficiently. In fact, they’ll benefit you for multiple reasons.

Amplify Your Streams

When your music is on a playlist, you’ll add to your total number of streams every time it comes up in the playlist’s rotation. Because each playlist can have hundreds or thousands of followers, your stream numbers could soar in a hurry from just one or two strong playlists.

Grow Your Audience

As an artist, your ultimate goal is to build up a fan base of loyal listeners who will keep following you and your music for years to come. The first step in building that fan base is to get your music into as many ears as possible.

Playlists can go a long way toward that goal. With every playlist, you’re getting exposure in front of hundreds or thousands of new potential fans.

Remember that all those listeners could then tell their friends about you, and your group of loyal fans expands before you know it.

Show Up in Recommendations

Many Spotify users love the app’s ability to recommend new music to them.

However, Spotify wants to recommend music the user will like, so they steer toward recommending songs with higher numbers of streams and playlists under their belt.

This means that when you grow your number of streams by landing on popular playlists, you’re not only getting exposure to those playlists’ followers, but you’re more likely to have Spotify recommend your music to additional users too. This is yet another way to grow your fan base.

Why Invest in a Playlist Pitching Service for Your 2021 Spotify Promotion?

When you publish your music on Spotify, it doesn’t matter how incredible that music is; it won’t get many streams if you don’t get it in front of the right listeners. A playlist pitching service is a low-risk investment. It’s an economical, organic, effective way to grow your streams and your fan base from multiple angles with a single strategy. To find out more about how we can help your music get the notice it deserves, book a consultation today.

Enjoy Guaranteed Placements. Within Global Playlists. In Just a Fewww Clicks

Imagine: you wave a magic wand… and alakazam! Thousands of people hear *your* music.

Make your dreams a reality. Reach 100% real listeners – using a promo campaign.

Once approved, your song can be discovered by 300,000+ playlist followers… AKA potential fans!

Don’t fade in obscurity. Seize your chance – to build a loyal fan-base.

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