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The Importance Of Cover Art On Spotify

The Importance of Cover Art on Spotify

Clearly, your music is your art, and you expect it to stand out on its own and turn you into a streaming sensation.

The reality is that many factors will impact a listener’s decisions about whether to press play. Your cover art can influence that decision in several ways.

Putting Your Brand on Display

Before someone listens to your music, they want to know what they’re getting themselves into.
Whether it’s consciously or subconsciously, users make judgments about your music based on your cover art.
If your artwork displays a vibe that will appeal to your target audience and accurately reflects your music, you can expect more streams.

Translating to Future Streams and Sales

People talk about artists being one-hit wonders, but that phenomenon exists with listeners, too.
How do you transition someone from that first listen to bingeing your album and becoming a lifelong fan?
Your cover art has a lot to do with it. 
People hear your song on a playlist and say, “Wow, who’s that?”
They check out the screen and see your cover art. 
If they like what they see, they’re likely to click for more.

Stopping Thumbs

In the world of digital media, the term “thumb-stopperrefers to a social media post or another type of content that’s enticing enough to stop your users’ thumbs from scrolling and convince them to click.
When users are scrolling through their recommendations on the Spotify home screen, you need to be that thumb-stopper.
On this screen, your album cover is all the information users have to make their decision
It needs to be compelling.

Tips for Cover Art That Will Skyrocket Your Spotify Streams

With everything you stand to gain from having truly fantastic cover art, the next inevitable question is how to produce that great art. Start with these tips.

Work with a Cover Art Specialist

The world is full of tremendous artists, there’s no doubt about that
Not all of them know how to make powerful cover art, though.
Find an artist or a firm that specializes in cover art
These professionals know what sells, how to make an impact, and how to capture a musical brand in a visual image.
If you already have a vision of what you want, try services like Jakubk, Cover Art Factory & Drashkos.
These artists will take the layouts you like and images you provide and design them into an artful cover.

Jakubk (Fiverr Pro Verified Seller)

Emerging artists can gain a competitive advantage with unique album art that captures the audience before the first note is played.
As a Fiverr Pro Verified Seller, Jakubk has been fully vetted by Fiverr and industry experts to ensure only the highest quality in skills and service.
Jakubk brings a rare talent of matching each artist’s tone, brand, and style to his own creative processes to develop artwork that adds value and intrigue to every project.

Click or Tap to work with Jakubk and get unique album art that captures the audience.

Cover Art Factory

Music isn’t just about the sound. 
The right cover art can get your single or album noticed and earn more streams.
Cover Art Factor specialises in creating album cover art that reflects your sound and brand and designed to look good on streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music.
Get high-quality, professionally designed artwork in just two business days or optional 24-hour delivery so that nothing slows down your launch.

Click or Tap to get the right cover art and high-quality designed artwork.

Drashkos (Top Rated Seller)

Choosing album artwork and logo design isn’t just about personal tastes
It’s also about matching colors, shapes, and design trends to your brand and sound, which is truly an art in itself.
Drashkos has mastered this creative process in his minimalistic designs that are made for albums and singles.
With more than 1,000 reviews on Fiverr and a global presence, Drashkos delivers simple yet powerful eye catching designs that perfectly complement your musical artistry.

Click or Tap to get a minimalistic artwork and powerful eye catching design.

Be Careful with Details

Some musicians get overly ambitious with their cover art and build in all kinds of ornate details and tempting hints.
That could be great for listeners who are looking at a giant vinyl album cover or even a CD cover. 
In the one-inch thumbnail that shows up on Spotify, though, all those details will be lost.
This isn’t to say that your cover art should be plain and dull.
Just keep in mind that it needs to be readable and be able to shine at a small size.

Brush Up on Copyright Law

Copyright law may not be your cup of tea, but the last thing you want is for your artwork to be removed or to cause other problems with Spotify because of an oversight. 
To avoid those issues, you need to know the basics.
Only use images you have either taken or produced yourself, or that you have paid someone to produce.
You need to have the rights to those images.
Stock images can work as well, as long as you purchase the rights to use them for commercial purposes.
Make sure there are no brand logos or names on your album as well, other than your own.
Something as simple as a bottle in the picture with a visible brand name could cause problems.

Go Evergreen

With artwork, “evergreen” means that the work is always relevant and applicable.
Evergreen works never look outdated because you can’t tie them to a specific time.
This should be your aim with your cover art.
Don’t include the year or any terms like “limited edition” or “new release.”
When Spotify users see your album a few years from now, they may think that it’s no longer relevant or they may pass it up for something newer.

Take Your Brand AND Your Album’s Brand Into Account

As we mentioned above, part of your cover art’s job is to display your brand.
When we talk about the brand, though, it isn’t limited to your overall brand as an artist.
The cover art also needs to convey the brand of the album.
Listeners want to have an idea of what they’ll hear before they dive in.
If your album is an upbeat, party vibe but your album cover is dark and mysterious, listeners who are in the mood for party music will pass it by because they think it isn’t the right fit.

Capturing Wandering Eyes with Your Cover Art

Without a doubt, Spotify is an economical way to release your music because it has fewer costs than producing physical media.
That doesn’t mean you can phone it in for your cover art, though.
The tips above can help you make sure your cover art is on your side in getting as many new streams as possible.
In the meantime, get more streams for the music you’ve already released with our Spotify playlist service.

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