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What Does Organic Spotify Playlist Promotion in 2021 Look Like?

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Organic Spotify Playlist Promotion in 2021

While coming to Spotify, every time I ask What Does Organic Spotify Playlist Promotion in 2021 Look like?

As a musician, you have to take the advice of Jay-Z: “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man!”

Trying to a breakthrough in the music industry has little to do with luck and everything to do with dedication, skill, and careful marketing.

Spotify is a fantastic equalizer for new musicians, but you have to know how to utilize it.

That means, among other things, organic Spotify playlist promotion.

But if you’ve been in the business for a while, you know that organic promotion has changed. 

What does organic Spotify playlist promotion in 2021 look like?

Here’s what you need to know to leverage Spotify in your favour.

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Know Your Niche

This isn’t a promotion technique. But it is essential if you want your technique to actually work.

Spotify classifies all music by genre, especially by sub-genres.  

These can run the gamut from familiar genres like glam rock to some genres you’ve never heard of, like pixie, new romantic, and zydeco. 

This is important because Spotify recognizes the genres of tomorrow (and builds playlists for those genres) using data.

Data alchemists (yes, that’s their title) look for patterns in music to generate playlists, ensuring that the music experience of algorithmic playlists is cohesive. 

To succeed in getting your music promoted, you need to know your sub-genre and target the correct algorithms. 

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Know Your Listeners

This is also important. 

This is also important because organic Spotify playlist promotion requires a deep understanding of your listeners—that is, would-be fans who are genuinely interested to hear and discover your music.

These are the listeners who will become playlist followers and, eventually, superfans.

You’re going to get to know these fans as well as you would know an old friend, but this is a marketing technique.

And because it’s a marketing technique, you’re going to do what marketers have long done: create a profile of your target audience

This includes basic facts and fan interests, like their favourite magazine, how they view themselves, whether they watch sports.

Think outside of the music—you want to build a relationship with your fans so that you can offer them a playlist that gets them. 

know your listeners

Do Your Homework

While you’re doing your homework on your listeners. Do your homework on your playlist.

While you’re doing your homework on your listeners, you also need to do your homework on your playlist.
Specifically, the songs

Spotify is a technology company, not a music company. It works by looking for patterns in music to generate genres, sort music, and create themed playlists.

The same thing applies to your playlist. 

When you create a playlist, don’t add songs at random, and don’t include only your music.

Instead, think about the theme of the playlist and listen to a few songs.

Get a feel for whether they fit the playlist.

Then think about how the songs fit together on the playlist, almost as if you’re crafting an album. 

Also, pay attention to the length of the songs, particularly the intro and outro.

Long songs are more likely to get skips and lose the listener’s interest, so if a song takes too long to gain momentum, it could cost you, listeners.

Don’t forget your playlist title, either!

Think about the specific theme of the playlist and what the listener will get when they press play.

Avoid generic titles, i.e. “The Best Playlist Ever”, and reach for details, like “Rock Inspired by Aerosmith” or “Late Night Indie Chill”.

The more specific, the better.


Plan Your Campaign

From there, you’re ready to plan your promotion campaign.

From there, you’re ready to plan your promotion campaign.

Remember, this is a marketing effort, and you need to treat it that way. 

Take 10 minutes and jot down all the ways you can promote your playlist.

Dig into specific partnerships you can build, like music blogs.

Look at where you can promote your playlist on social media. 

If you’ve researched your audience, now is the time to break out that research.

Look at where your would-be fans lurk online and find ways to get on those sites. 

Once you have a list, break it into smaller, manageable tasks.

Then set a timeline and reassess periodically.

If you’re not seeing results, take a look at your plan and see what you could adjust. 

planning some

Build Relationships

To see real results (a.k.a. actual money). You need dedicated fans.

To see real results (a.k.a. actual money) you don’t need casual listeners.  

You need dedicated fans, and you need a way to get in front of them. The only way to do that is by building relationships. 

Start by promoting your playlist within the following you already have.

There are your core fans who are already dedicated listeners, and they’re more likely to share the playlist with friends. 

But you also need to build relationships with promoters, like playlist sites and music blogs.

Getting a playlist picked up there means that they’ll take over a lot of promotion work on your behalf.

But first, you have to convince them that it’s worth their trouble. 

This is when your research comes in handy.

You should have already spent some time getting to know the site and their offerings, and you should demonstrate that knowledge when you reach out.

It shows genuine interest in the site, not just another musician looking for easy promotion. 

Another great way to meet new fans is through Facebook and Instagram ads.

Fortunately, both are managed through the same interface, which means you can take advantage of the crazy-advanced Facebook ad targeting system. 

build relationships

The Best Organic Spotify Playlist Promotion in 2021

Still, making sense of organic Spotify playlist promotion in 2021?

We have some good news: you can stop struggling with Spotify analytics and marketing and turn to the experts. 

These days, new musicians aren’t on their own. 

Spotify promotion companies make it easier than ever to make sense of Spotify and leverage the algorithm to make your mark in music.

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