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How to Promote Your Best Spotify Song in 2021

How to Promote Your Best Spotify Song

Spotify can help get you discovered.

You’ve got a great song & you want to promote it? Let me tell you How to promote Your best Spotify Song in 2021.

Suppose you know, that this song will be the biggest hit of 2021.

Sound familiar? If you’re sitting on the next hit song, Spotify can help get you discovered—if you know how to promote your best Spotify song.

Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the nuts and bolts of the process.

Build Your Spotify Profile

The first step in promoting your best Spotify song actually has very little to do with the song itself.

Before you pass Go and get a thousand streams, you need to build and verify your Spotify profile.

Thanks to the wonders of Spotify, you have all the tools you need to start your music career from nothing and build your way to the top. Unfortunately, this also means that any average Joe on the street can set up a profile and title themselves a musician.

If you want Spotify to recognize your work as legitimate, you have to verify your profile. This will also give you total control over your artist platform.

Fortunately, this is easy to do. Just sign up for Spotify for Artists, claim your profile, and get access to all of the tools that come with the platform.

Get Social, Get Promoting

Once your profile is within your grasp, you can get busy using it.

If you already have social media profiles, now is the time to link them up to your Spotify profile.

Let your followers know that you’re active and confirmed on Spotify and invite them to follow you so that they can be the first to know when you release new music.

This is also important because having a large number of followers and large volume of listeners per month will make it considerably easier to get Spotify and playlist curators to suggest your music. That’s because it’s proof of relevance, much like a large social media following proves relevance for influencers.

Plus, it helps you gain more credibility with new fans.

Create Your Own Playlists And Pitch to Playlists

From there, you can start engaging your followers by curating playlists, which will help Spotify pluck out your songs for algorithmic playlists.

First, a word of warning: do NOT create playlists populated solely by your own music.

Instead, focus on themes and styles in your music and curating relevant playlists, with work from other artists mixed in with your own. Think of it like crafting an album — you want the whole listening experience to be cohesive.

This will take patience and practice, but keep in mind that many songs that make it to big playlists got there through success on small playlists.

Just be smart, use playlist analytics, and keep trying until you find something that works.

Trying to Promote Your Best Spotify Song?

If you’re trying to promote your best Spotify song, the key is patience and persistence.

Oh, and a bit of marketing knowledge helps too. That’s where we can help.

Make sure to check out our blog for more useful tips, like this post on how to legitimately boost plays.

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