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Find Legit Spotify Music Promotion in 2020 – Top 5 Webistes


Where to Find legit Spotify Music Promotion. if you are looking for some legit promotion platforms, I will tell you the best one. Spotify is a critical platform for any artist who wants to grow their music career. In fact, as of the beginning of 2020, they had more than 271 million monthly active users.

Getting in front of the right users is no easy feat, and a Spotify promotion company can help. How do you tell which companies are legit Spotify music promotion providers who know what they’re talking about and which ones are just blowing smoke?

Top Legit Spotify Music Promotion Companies You Can Trust

Instead of risking your money and your time with people who may not have the expertise you expect them to have, start with these reputable options.

1. PitchPlaylist

One of the best ways to grow your Spotify following is to get your music onto high-profile curated playlists. This directly increases your number of streams, which makes Spotify more likely to recommend you on users’ algorithm playlists.

In addition, playlists get your music in front of more users who may become followers themselves if they like your songs.

Pitch Playlist has connections with top playlist curators in a variety of genres. We know who to pitch your music to and how to pitch it with a high success rate, landing you on far more playlists than you’d be able to connect with on your own.

2. Music Promotion Corp

While Pitch Playlist is specialized in a particular way to improve your Spotify plays, Music Promotion Corp mixes a small amount of playlist promotion with other measures.

Overall, Music Promotion Corp emphasizes its use of organic traffic. They offer a variety of plans at different price points, and each one offers a certain number of followers, plays, and other stats.

3. Playlist Push

Playlist Push uses the popular strategy of boosting your Spotify presence by landing a spot for you on playlists with high stream volumes. They have a unique way of doing this, though.

The company has a network of playlist curators. Those curators earn rewards by reviewing your songs. When they find music they like in the midst of this, they add those songs to their playlists.

Finding the Best Spotify Music Promotion Companies for Your Music

As much as you want to grow your following on Spotify, be cautious. There are companies out there who sell promotion services without the experience, knowledge, or network to back it up.

Instead of risking your investment, stick with the legit Spotify music promotion companies above.
To get started promoting your Spotify portfolio with a trustworthy partner, find out more about the Pitch Playlist service and how we can help.

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