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7 Ways to Promote Your Spotify Music Album

7 Ways to Promote Your Spotify Music Album

Let me tell you 7 ways to Promote your Spotify Music Album. Every time you produce an album, you put a bit of yourself into it. If that album flops, it feels like a special kind of heartbreak.

Don’t mistake a lack of streams to mean that your album isn’t a work of art, though. Maybe it just didn’t get into the right people’s ears so they could fall in love with it and spread it like wildfire.

To give your music the best chance for receiving the recognition it deserves, try a few simple strategies to promote your Spotify music album.

1. Score a Spot on a Spotify-Curated Playlist

Landing at least one song from your album on a playlist will boost your album in several ways. First, when someone adds your music to a playlist, Spotify sees it as a sign that your song is engaging. That factors into their algorithm so they recommend your music to more users.

Second, being on the playlist will give you far more streams. This is another key factor that determines how often Spotify recommends you.

While there are several types of playlists, a Spotify-curated playlist is a playlist managed by Spotify’s editors. One way to get onto their radar is to pitch upcoming songs to the editors directly. Keep in mind that you cannot pitch songs you’ve already released. But when you pitch your unreleased song, Spotify will also put it on your followers’ Release Radar lists.

2. Reach Out to Playlist Curators

In addition to Spotify-curated playlists and users’ algorithm playlists, there are popular playlists curated by other users. You can reach out to those users to pitch your album’s music for their playlists, even after you’ve released the album.

Start by identifying the most popular playlists that fit with your genre. Most of the curators for these playlists will link their Facebook pages or some other type of social media contact information.

Reach out to those curators and start by building a relationship. Compliment their playlist and perhaps make suggestions about other artists for them to check out. After you’ve established a rapport, you can mention your own album. That whole process takes a lot of time and effort, though. To make life easier on yourself, you could opt for our playlist pitching service instead.

3. Exchange Playlists

Fellow artists can be great resources on Spotify if you have a relationship with them. Get in touch with a group of artists in your genre, preferably those who you already know.

Set up a playlist exchange within the group: each artist creates a playlist that includes the other artists’ music.

If you have 20 artists working together on this, your music is now on nineteen individual playlists, getting in front of countless new users.

4. Invest in Paid Spotify Ads

While all the strategies above are free, you can also make a more direct investment by buying Spotify ads.

These ads, which can be up to 30 seconds long, give users a taste of your music and encourage them to check out your new album.

With Spotify’s ad platform, there is a $250 minimum budget but you can customize and increase your budget as much as you like. You’ll pay a set amount for each time your ad plays until you reach your budget within the timeframe for your campaign.

5. Get More Followers

If Spotify is the primary platform (or one of the primary platforms) where you publish your music, getting more Spotify followers can be a great way to boost your streams.

There are plenty of ways to grow your follower list, but one of the best options is to look to your existing network of fans. Encourage fans on your website to follow you on Spotify. You can even embed a button on your site to make it easy for them.

The same goes for your other social media platforms: encourage followers on those platforms to follow you on Spotify as well.

6. Put Teamwork to Use

While this may not be helpful when promoting an album you’ve already created and released, it’s an important tip to consider if you have a new album on the horizon. Collaborations with other artists can go a long way.

When you put out a song alongside another artist, you get exposure to all their followers and fans as well so your album is more likely to be successful. In fact, getting that exposure can build your fanbase for the long term, giving you more streams for all your music.

Of course, the more popular the artist is, the more this will help you. But getting in front of any other artist’s fans will always be beneficial.

7. Build a Consistent Reputation

One of the largest struggles in the music world is worrying about waiting too long between new releases and falling off your fans’ radar.

Before you release an album, release a few singles in separate uploads and promote them throughout social media and on Spotify. This generates new interest for your music and lets fans know that you’re active.

As a result, those fans will be more likely to keep an eye out for your album when it lands.

On top of this, more frequent releases will reflect well on you in Spotify’s eyes. They’ll see that you are consistently active and will be more likely to recommend you to users. After all, they know their users are looking for artists who always have something fresh for them to discover.

Choosing the Best Strategies to Promote Your Music Album on Spotify

Spotify is rich with opportunities for well-known artists and independent musicians alike.

If you want your album to be successful, though, you need to put in the work to make it happen.

Each strategy above to promote your Spotify music album is unique. Some of them need to happen before you release your album while others work better after the release. The key is to use a combination of options to make sure you reach as many users are possible and get your album the love it deserves.

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