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3 Tips for Spotify Stream Promotion in 2021

3 Tips for Spotify Stream Promotion in 2021

Here’s the good news: even if you’re a brand new artist, you can boost your streaming numbers and generate real income from your work. You just have to learn the art and science of Spotify stream promotion. Here’s a quick review of our biggest tips for Spotify stream promotion in 2021.

Have a Track Development Plan

A track development plan is essentially a marketing plan for an individual song. It’s also an opportunity for you to focus your marketing efforts to make them count.

Put it this way: just because a song is your newest release doesn’t mean it should be your focus track. Your focus tracks should be your best songs, regardless of how new they are.

That said, you should aim to make each release bigger and better than the last. You’re building your brand, and each successive song contributes to that brand.

Check Your Flow

When we talk about great playlists, we often talk about playlist flow. In essence, you should focus on how well one track flows into the next to create a cohesive, pleasurable listening experience.

Every song on a playlist demands a certain amount of the listener’s attention. You want to ensure that each successive track keeps the user’s attention so that they continue listening to the next track.

With that in mind, pay attention to song length, especially the length of intros and outros. Listeners aren’t that patient, as a rule, so while songs with longer intros and outros may be the masterpieces of your album, they disrupt the flow of the playlist.

This is also true when you’re pitching a song for inclusion on a playlist. Curators like playlists that flow smoothly, which means they’re more likely to reject longer songs or songs with longer intros and outros.

Catalog Consistency

Look at how often most big stars release new music. Most artists sit on songs and only release one album per year.

Unfortunately, when you’re trying to curate a Spotify following, that strategy just isn’t going to cut it.

Listeners come to Spotify seeking new music. If they hear something they like, they’re more likely to pop over to your artist profile and stream more of your music.

At that point, there’s no good reason not to have your entire catalog on Spotify. In fact, it can actively hurt you to leave your catalog off Spotify.

If you’re curating a following, there is a catalog formula to follow. If you’re brand new to Spotify, you should release new singles at a steady pace right out of the gate (think one strong single every three months or so).

Each single should also have a budget and achievable metrics for the number of monthly streams you want that single to see. If you’re starting from zero, 10K per month is reasonable.

Brand new musicians should use their first three or four singles to nail down their release formula for future singles. For example, figure out your promotion company, your cover art, and your promotional material around a single, such as music videos and merchandise.

Let’s Master Spotify Stream Promotion in 2021

If you dream of doing what you love for a living, we’re here to make that dream possible by helping you crack the code of Spotify promotion.

For more tips to master the art of Spotify, make sure to check out our blog for more great posts, like this one on how to legitimately boost plays.

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