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Safe Spotify Hacks for Followers, Streams, and Plays

Safe Spotify Hacks for Followers, Streams, and Plays

Spotify has gotten a lot of back and forth over the years. Consumers love them, while many artists love to hate them. But Spotify can also offer something record labels can’t — direct access from artists to listeners, with artists having the ability to directly upload their music.

Now, you don’t need a record label to earn royalties on your music. But you do need to get heard. 

Here are a few safe Spotify tips and tricks to gain followers, streams, and plays for your music.

You’re a Business — Think Like One

First is the issue of mindset. Despite your title (musician, artist, professional creative), you’re a business. And you’re going to have to get over your suspicions of business in your art if you want to succeed.

As an artist who is genuinely trying to be successful in music as a career, you are essentially a brand. And if you don’t go about it like a startup, you’re never going to get traction.

The most important element in your business mindset is a marketing approach. You have to turn music that people want to hear into money, and that means learning your audience.

Identify Your Fans

To do this, you’ll need to identify who your fans are and what they’re doing.

In other words, you need to identify your ideal musical fan and how they behave. In marketing, this is known as a buyer persona.

You’ll need to collect basic facts, like age, gender, and location. This doesn’t seem all that useful, but it becomes quite informative when combined with other information. For example:

  • What other bands do they like?

  • What are their favorite movies?

  • Where do they buy clothes?

  • Do they have tattoos?

  • How do they view themselves?

  • How do they want others to view them?

  • How did they grow up?

  • What are their worldviews?

  • What do they want to achieve?

To turn casual fans into loyal supporters, you have to understand what makes them tick. This will allow you to target marketing toward them and pick up other music fans like them.

Build Your Fan Base

From there, you can use demographics and statistical data to build your fan base.

For example, your best chance to get new music heard is to have it show up on a follower’s Release Radar. To do this, you’ll need a good relationship with your followers — get them invested in hearing what you put out next.

You’ll also need to understand your listening metrics.

The total number of streams doesn’t tell you anything, but the number of listeners adding your music to their playlists, adding your songs to their queue, or sharing your songs on social media is useful. That tells you how engaged they really are with your music.

Plus, if you take a closer look at the demographics of who’s sharing your music on social media, you can target your marketing toward that demographic.

Make Your Own Playlists

Of course, if you want to attract followers, you have to get casual listeners to tune into your music. The best way to do that is on Spotify is playlists.

There are two approaches: getting added to a playlist you create yourself or getting added to someone else’s playlist.

If you want to get the attention of new listeners, create a playlist with your music on it. But don’t add your music alone — add the music of other similar artists. Chances are, if fans really love a song or an artist, they’ll search for other playlists featuring that song. This will help them get organically exposed to your music.

Getting Onto Human-Generated Playlists

Then there’s the art of getting onto someone else’s playlist. With a human-generated playlist, this is relatively straightforward (if you’re smart about it).

It starts with research.

Open up a Google tab and start researching influential music bloggers. Look for bloggers with a strong following who cover music similar to yours and talk about artists on a scale similar to yours (hint: you won’t get noticed by Rolling Stone in your first month as a band).

Reach out to them about their review on an artist similar to you. Talk a bit about what you liked about the review, then mention that they might be interested in reviewing your album since it’s comparable to X artist. Provide a link to one of the songs on the album.

Then, let them know they can get in touch if they’re interested. Either way, ask them to keep up the great work.

Ready to Make the Most of Spotify?

Making the most of Spotify is all about mentality. You have to think about your music like a business, and you have to be willing to promote it.

The tactics we’ve suggested here will take some time, but they’re more effective than quick-fixes — you’ll see real results over time if you’re diligent.

We can’t wait to see your music on the next hit playlist!

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