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Other Spotify Best Practices for 2021

Other Spotify Best Practices for 2021

For many aspiring musicians, Spotify offers a wealth of opportunities to get your music in front of an audience that’s most likely to connect with it.

And while your music itself will have a lot to do with your success, don’t neglect the power of a good Spotify marketing strategy.

Since its inception more than a decade ago, Spotify has grown to a worldwide user base of more than 155 million subscribers, capturing the lion’s share of all music streaming services. That’s quite an audience to perform to, and you can boost your chances of getting your music heard by following these other Spotify best practices for 2021:

Enlist the Help of Spotify for Artists

Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power: you need real numbers to inform your marketing strategy, and Spotify for Artists is the best place to start.

Spotify for Artists used to be out of reach for new artists because it required at least 250 followers before you could join the platform. But that’s no longer the case: they’ve nixed the follower requirement and signing up is as simple as registering.

This platform offers data-driven insights into your Spotify stats, along with essential tools you can use to improve your branding and marketing on your artist page. You can update your bio and header image from within the dashboard and add your shows and concerts to your schedule.

The analytics here is key: you can dial deeper down into where your fans are to gauge interest in a specific geographic region, along with other helpful demographics. Also, you can compare your data with that of other artists.

As a whole, the platform is highly intuitive and user-friendly, so you should be able to take advantage of its features with ease.

Connect with Music Influencers

One of the most powerful ways to get your music in front of a larger audience is to leverage the popularity of other artists or influencers (and their willingness to lend a hand).

Bloggers in the music space who already have a strong following can be an excellent resource to direct people to your music. They might feature you in a blog post or on their social media channels, along with a bio and a link to your artist profile.

Another option is to connect with Spotify influencers or marketers who can promote you on a user-generated playlist. This is a favorite option among major non-music brands, as it allows them to connect to their audience in a whole new way. Influencers work directly and indirectly with major brands to craft custom playlists, and depending on your style, your music may end up being a perfect fit for their image.

Safely Hack Algorithmic Playlists

Spotify uses an algorithm to influence its playlists, and, you’ll want to leverage it organically, as they’re always on the lookout for artists trying to beat the system.

Collaborative filtering and web scraping are the two main legit practices here: collaborative filtering allows you to get in front of people who like similar content to the people who like your content. Basically, if you have people listening to your music, then people who share their tastes in music will also be presented with your content.

Web scraping is like SEO for Spotify. If people are talking about your music (e.g. music bloggers), the algorithm will take notice.

We cover both of these safe “hacks” for algorithmic playlists in another blog post in more detail, which you can view here.

Connect with Playlist Curators

Playlisting sites and apps like or Sound Plate routinely push playlists to their users, and there’s no reason why your music shouldn’t be on it.

Stop fearing rejection and just reach out to these websites to see what it takes to get your music added to one of their playlists.

You can also collaborate with other popular playlist creators like Playlist Pump or Indiemono. With the help of big-name platforms like these, your playlist may rank higher and faster than if you go it alone.

Promote Your Music to Your Own Social Network

Your family and friends are probably already on board with the music you’re creating, which is why it’s so easy to overlook the power your own social media channels can provide.

Chances are, there are tons of people in your network who would be thrilled to listen to your latest tracks and stay in the know with your music.

Don’t forget to share your content, ask for followers and shares, and thank them for their support.

Work with a Spotify Promotion Company

Hands down, a Spotify promotion company can help you get your music noticed not only by fans around the world but also by larger and influential artists that can help you skyrocket your music career.

The promotion company’s main goal is to build your following and boost plays so that you can make more money from your passion.

At PitchPlaylist, we specialize in Spotify campaigns for artists with a focus on adding your tracks to quality playlists. Contact us today to learn how you can take your Spotify music career to new heights!

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