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How to Legitimately Boost Plays on Spotify

How to Legitimately Boost Plays on Spotify

The music industry is a dog-eat-dog world, so it’s no surprise that many aspiring Spotify artists try to game the system to boost their play count.

But since no one likes a cheater and cheaters never win, it’s important to learn how to legitimately boost plays without compromising your image as a worthy artist.

Let’s look at some of the most effective ways you can increase your streams and feel good about it in the process:

Get Featured On Music Blogs

Technically speaking, the only clear path to increasing plays on Spotify is to help more people discover your music.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to make friends with influencers in the industry and have them feature you on their blog or other channels. Influencers allow you to tap in their audience to expand your reach.

They benefit by introducing their followers to new music (and in turn, their followers continue seeing the influencer as a valuable resource), and you benefit by collecting more streams — and who doesn’t like a win/win?

Add a Spotify Button to Your Website

Much like any social sharing button on a website, including a Spotify button encourages users to take action.

You work hard to get people on your website, and once they finally do discover what an amazing musician you are, you should help them take the next step by encouraging them to follow you on Spotify.

This is by far the easiest and most straightforward way to boost plays, and it doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time.

Get Verified On Spotify

Once your music is uploaded to Spotify, you’ll want to create a verified artist profile that further highlights your professional image.

Verified artists have access to exclusive tools that will help you manage your playlists and profile, as well as provide data-driven insight into your stats.

Most notably, being a verified artist may make you more recognizable to playlist curators — a major part of a Spotify artist growth strategy.

To get verified, sign up for a Spotify for Artists account — it’s free and open to all artists regardless of follower count.

Once verified, you’ll get a blue checkmark next to your name, plus the ability to customize your bio and images and access to tools and analytics.

Create and Share a Spotify Code

Artists can create unique Spotify QR codes and share them just about anywhere. When users scan the code, they’re automatically taken to your artist profile, song, playlist, or album. Add them to your business cards or other marketing material, share them on your social media channels, or include them on your personal website.

Work with Spotify Curators

Playlist curators are like the gods of Spotify: make friends with the right ones and you’ll have more plays than you may have thought possible.

Curators compose unique playlists, then share them with their followers, brands, or clients. Identify curators who focus on the type of music you create and be ready with a pitch to prove why you belong on one of their lists.

And once you do manage to land a spot, make sure you promote the playlist and send them a thank you message. Ideally, you’ll connect with them via Twitter or LinkedIn and keep the relationship alive so that they might include you on future playlists.

Ask Your Friends to Lend a Hand

Many artists feel like they go to their friends and family with their hand out a lot, and at some point, you might start thinking that enough is enough. But remember that most people are happy to lend a hand however and whenever they can, especially if they can do so for free (like listening to your music or sharing it with a friend!).

Encourage your inner circle to listen to your stuff while they work, drive to school, or do chores around the house, and let them know that every stream helps.

And if your music simply isn’t their style, ask them to share a link to your song, album, or playlist on social media every now and then to put your name and content in front of some fresh faces. It’s a small gesture on their end that can have a major impact on yours.

Work with a Spotify Promotion Company

Spotify promotion companies work exclusively on Spotify campaigns to help artists increase their visibility, build a strong following, and increase legitimate streams.

They’re the Spotify experts who understand how the platform’s algorithmic playlists work and have valuable connections with playlist curators, music influencers, and other key people that can give you the boost you need to start getting noticed organically.

PitchPlaylists experience in working with Spotify artists gives you a major competitive advantage in boosting streams. Contact us today to legitimately boost your plays on Spotify and grow your music career.

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