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Are you worried about the greyed out songs in your Spotify Media Player Playlists? Are you looking for some answers about the region blocking of media player Spotify 2019? You have landed at the right site. Here, I have some knowledge to share about the Spotify Region Blocking 2019.

Spotify is a media-services provider, and if you count by several subscribers, it is the most prominent digital music streaming platform. This splendid platform allows you to access over forty millions of songs, videos or podcasts from a blend of artists all over the world. It is the most appealing music streaming platform right now and can make a music-fanatic addicted to this manifesto. However, Spotify has a bit of curb in its services regarding the regions where it does not allow all the media to be accessed. This article provides you with a great deal of information about Spotify Region Blocking 2019.

Supported Platforms

This media service provider supports almost every platform, from cars to high end-speakers to mobile phones, computers, and laptops. It has its software available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android smartphones. The “Spotify Connect” is its proprietary protocol that allows you to connect to other media devices like receivers, TVs, cars, and speakers.


Spotify has become the world-famous music streaming application because of its diverse and robust features. Some of the significant features of this software are mentioned below:

·         You can browse by various parameters like albums, artists or genre to find your best choice.

·         You may also share playlists using this media application.

·         Searching your liked playlist is also one of its remarkable options.

·         Spotify allows you to access over 40 million songs.

·         You may create, edit or share your Spotify Playlists on social media.

·         It has introduced “Follow” and “Discover” tab, which allows you to follow the Artists and other friends and know about their favorite tracks.

·         It has launched a playlist “Your Daily Drive” that you can customize, and it replicates the format of radio stations drive times to track.

Business model

Spotify platform follows the “Freemium” business model which allows you to avail essential services for free, but you have to get paid subscription for additional services.

There are two ways supported for free version; either you sign up with your email account, or you connect with your Facebook account. But for a vast pool of services provided by this application, you would have to buy a monthly subscription for Spotify Premium. Here, I am to tell you the main difference between Spotify Free and Spotify Premium to provide you with a clear understanding. The free version is ad-supported while Premium subscriptions are devoid of such annoyance. Moreover, Free-version can get you access only on laptop computers or mobile phones, while Premium account will facilitate you with other features like “Spotify Connect.”

The company has launched a website “Spotify for Artists,” which explains its business approach and revenue statistics. Spotify acquires its content from independent artists and record labels. Hence, it has to pay royalties to the copyright holders for streaming music. And, to your knowledge, the company has to pay 70% of its total revenue to these copyright holders. It is one of the motives for Spotify Region Blocking 2019.

Downloads/ Offline mode

Earlier in the emerging phase of its business, the company allowed the users to pay and download the tracks, but later, due to the copyright issues and general misuse, Spotify removed the option of purchasing and downloading tracks. However, the company has created an ease for its users by offering the “Offline” mode. Free-Version is restricted in this regard, but Premium Subscribers can enjoy their playlists offline as well.

Spotify-Free users can listen to the music on-demand or, can create and share playlists, but only in the presence of an Internet connection. On the contrary, Spotify allows its Premium-subscribers to download up to 3,333 tracks on a device.

Greyed out songs/ Regional Block

Occasionally, you may find out some greyed out tracks in your Spotify Music Player, or you may come to know that certain songs are not available in your country while they are streamed well in the other countries. You might get in a situation when you can’t stream your desired album or favorite artists’ latest albums. But you must not get upset about the Regional Block. There are specific valid reasons for this Regional Block, which I am going to discuss next.

Different songs in different countries

You might have wondered how come some songs are only available in other countries, and you can’t stream it due to the Spotify Regional Blocking 2019. The answer to this pondering is that the music label and artist has the complete right to confirm the handiness of their tracks on Spotify. Individual artists and music companies choose not to share their albums on Spotify for Free or even Premium streaming globally. It could also be due to the licensing or the demand of the artist or the record label.

Unfortunately, Spotify does not have complete control over this, but the company is trying to assure the global availability of all the world’s tracks for its users. Sometimes, the unavailability of the album or the record is temporary, and it comes back later.

Countries in which Spotify is available

Spotify launched in 2008, and it has been instigated in 59 different countries and their subsidiary regions till now. It’s increasing its business day by day and launching its media-services in more appealing countries. Some of the countries that are enjoying Spotify as a digital media-server are listed here:

§  Argentina

§  Australia

§  Belgium

§  Canada

§  Brazil

§  Finland

§  France

§  Germany

§  Italy 

§  Mexico and many others.

Regional Blocking 2019
has some solemn reasons, as the availability of all the tracks and albums is dependent on Artists and record labels solely. Hence, Spotify has to restrict the regions according to the demand of the copyright holders.

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