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How to Download Spotify on School Computer 2019?

Do you know how to download Spotify on school computer 2019? Nowadays, music streaming is popular since its origin. The music has gained to attain a balance between preserving the rights of artists and piracy. The concept initiated back by the man Steve Jobs in 2003, has come a long way from iTunes. More than one way, it has recovered the industry of Music, and it has gained a lot of profit.

Asides the business details as the end-user, every individual uses their cell phones for listening to music. And, if you are yet using YouTube for songs, it is a time to update it. The music streaming applications are the best in spite of preferring downloading of music illegally. Now, there is a lot of music streaming apps with some bigwigs that are leading in the market.

Whenever you get a chance to try multiple apps and decide not to confuse with the already existing pecking order, Spotify is the best app of music streaming, and there is nothing to disagree with it.

Spotify is the definite king of Music Streaming apps. With almost 30 million songs of multiple languages, it is the most downloaded app of Music Streaming out there! But, the thing is Spotify is not available for downloading all around the world.

It is accessible in some parts of Asia, and most of the elements of New Zealand, America, Australia, and Europe! However, there are some of the ways how to download Spotify on school computer 2019.  

How to use Spotify in Blocked Countries?

At first, it is essential to have an account on Spotify for using it. You can use a desktop to make an account quickly. If you are unable to create an account on Spotify, you may not be present in America or other countries where Spotify is available. Here you will need to know about VPN, which is a better and fast way as compared to other possible extensions.

Signing up with Spotify

After installing any VPN Extension on Chrome, you can open the website on Chrome. You can also choose the United States as the location and click on Connect. You can see ‘Music for everyone’ screen if Spotify is not available yet.

After that, click on Signup. You can sign up using your Facebook account or an email address, date of birth, etc. It is nothing complicated to deal here.

After Signing up, you can go to the settings and check the option of ‘Set device password.’

The next step is to click on ‘Send Email to Set Password.’ Also, you should keep a note of your username which is a mixture of alphabets and number which cannot be changed later. It will be present in your email anyway; you can save it.

You will get an email with a link to ‘Set your Password.’ All you need is to set a password; it is quite easy to do it from the link.

How to Download Spotify on School Computer 2019?

In some of the countries, it is demanding to use Spotify.

·       Download Spotify APK, as you do not find it on PlayStore as your country does not have the availability to it. After downloading, you can install it and then wait as you cannot sign in into the account.

·       You can download VPN software for your school computer, and it is required only to log in. After that, you can turn it off. You can choose VPN Proxy Master is very fast and easy to use.

·       After installing VPN Proxy Master, you can connect to the proxy of the USA.

·       After that, you can open the installed Spotify under the VPN, and you can sign in quickly. Never sign in with the Facebook in Spotify, you may or may not log in. For login, you can use email and a password. It is all about setting a password for your account of Spotify.  You can seamlessly enjoy the music after logging in with the email and password.

How to use Spotify on School Computer?

Using the Spotify Web Player

You should go to and sign in using the account you made above. I prefer this method over the Spotify app to escape the proxy stuff and settings. The quality of audio remains good in both versions.

Using the Spotify Application

·       From the official website, download the Spotify app. There is no need to have any proxy here.

·       Install the application.

·       The real thing starts when it comes to login after installing.

·       You can check out an option for settings as the last one. You can move down to find the option. You will see an option to add a proxy in the Settings pane.

·       Add the port number and host and choose Proxy Type as HTTP. After that, click on ‘Update Proxy.’ Then, you should try to log in using the username and password instead of using Facebook for login.

·       After signing in, you can see the songs and charts, and play whatever you like. If you do not find them, you can close the app and open it again. Still, if it does not show up the songs and charts, it is required to sign in back with another proxy.

If the above step goes right and you can play songs, you can remove the proxy so that streaming will be better and fast. For removing the proxy, hit on ‘Account Settings,’ which means drop down close to your username, click on Settings. Choose ‘Show Advanced Settings’ and check ‘Proxy’ settings. After that, select ‘No Proxy’ and choose ‘Update Proxy.’ And you have done this great! Now your songs will be played at a fast pace by removing the proxy.

It is all about how to download Spotify on school computer 2019. All you need is to log in every month. The accounts are automatically logged out after a certain period. You need to do is to log in with a proxy and remove it after completing your work.

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