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How to Analyze my Spotify 2019? Beginners Guide

Should I want to know how to analyze my Spotify 2019? While you are searching for your next favorite song or anything outside the comfort zone of your music, the discovery is waiting for you through clicking and scrolling. Spotify is at your back from the personalized just-for-you radio to the playlists.

Let us talk about how to analyze my Spotify 2019 in different ways.

1.    Spotify Radio Playlists

If you love the comfort of anyone else selecting songs for you, you can go for Spotify Radio. Do you know what it is? Select a playlist, artist, or a song, and you can play similar music for many hours that suits what you love. For instance, you can get going with “Crash into Me” by Dave Matthews Band and get right into a mixture of DMB deep cuts and Tom Petty Dispatch that you may not remember.

The next question that appears here is how to do it. You can follow a playlist and then save it to your library. You can further modify it by disliking the already present tracks or liking the new ones.

Move towards Radio and click on ‘Create New Station’ on the desktop. Add a playlist, artist or a track and then Spotify will make a station depending on the music. You can click on ‘Follow’ for saving the station your library. When you unfollow the station, it will be removed.

Click on Radio on the app, and then hit on New Station on the top right. You can search for a playlist, artist, or a track and select the song you would love to initiate with. On the Station page, click on ‘Follow’ to save it to your library under the Stations.

2.    Discover Weekly

If you love music which is latest and new to you but works best with your present playlists, you must go for Discover Weekly.

Do you know what it is? Depending on the history of listening and that of fans with the same sense, the Discover Weekly Playlist is similar to getting suggestions from the latest version of yourself. It is quite popular among the users for how well it gets you that this aspect has a significant share of groupies. It is because of how well it shows your taste in music; it appears as your Discover Weekly knows you a lot as compared to your significant others.

Discover Weekly consists of 30 latest songs that you think you are going to love, get every week on Monday. Don’t forget that Discover Weekly modifies every week, so don’t forget to save your favorite ones.

So let move towards ‘analyze my Spotify 2019’ through it. On the web player or desktop, you will see Discover Weekly in your library under the playlists (your music on the web player). On the cell phone, it is present in Home under ‘Made for You’ for free users. For the paid subscribers, it is present in your library under Playlists, or you can browse under Discover.

By default, the playlist is set to private, but you can also change its settings to public, share it with your fellows and follow the playlists Discover Weekly of other users to get an idea about what they are listening nowadays.  Are those private sessions? They do not make changes in your Discover Weekly, so your suggestion should not be thrown off by the little listening.

3.    Daily Mix

You should try Daily Mix if you like your music divided by genre, indicating a discovery.

Let us talk about what it is. The Daily Mixers are the unique playlists depending on the styles of music that you can listen to. The users can have a range of almost six mixers, depending on the amount and variety of your general history of listening. Therefore, if you are a type of an individual who looks to indie-pop only, you may have some mixes as compared to your roommates, who wakes up to the country and has the knowhow of the punk rock scene. The combinations are familiar as well as fresh at the same time – a mix of new tracks and discoveries you have on repeat, which means it can load more songs in spite of shopping.

Do you know how to do it? When you like a track, it will be saved to your Songs Collection. And, when you dislike music, it will not appear in your mix again. With the evolution of your music taste, so you can do your mixes, hence the better you get when you listen more. It does not refresh similar to Discover Weekly, but it appears slowly with your listening. Every mixture updates with the latest songs within a day of when you listened to it, so do not forget to save the one you like. In your library, you can find your Daily Mix if you use desktop. If you use a cell phone, look in Home under ‘Made for You’ for the people who use it for free and in Your Library if you are a paid subscriber.

4.    Release Radar

You can go for Release Radar if you like keeping up with the latest released music.

Let us see what it is. Release Radar is the playlist of almost a month can be updated every week on Friday with music that has come out from the last few weeks, suggested only for you depending on your patterns of listening. It involves a mixture of the latest music from different artists you can listen to. Also, you can like the new singers you think you may love it. Hence you do not miss a new song.

Do you know how to do it? With most of the playlists, the more you listen, you will get to know more about the liking or disliking tracks in your playlist and assist in tailoring the further suggestions.

Through these four essential things, I can analyze my Spotify 2019. Spotify permits you to listen to the current favorites or new tunes mixed with some discovery. As a general fact, Spotify allows the easiest ways to explore music.


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