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If your music library has become a mishmash and it looks like an audio jungle where finding your desired tracks is strenuous, then here you have found the best way to organize music library 2019.

The music industry is growing day by day, and so is the amount of incredible music tracks to listen to. It is quite satisfying for the music admirers to have a sound music library. But if they have created a jumble of music tracks over the years, they must find the best way to organize music library 2019.

One can be a fan of jazz, folk, acoustic or any other genre of music, but everyone has a manageable collection of music tracks in the music library. The leading causes of a music hodgepodge that must be uprooted are the unnamed files, missing artwork, scattered records over various folders and the duplicate tracks.

Steps to Organize Music Library

We have come up with an easy and the best way to organize music library 2019. Regular maintenance is the key to a robust music library. The necessary steps for you to follow in this regard are just right here:

·         Recast the folder structure

A great and straightforward folder structure for your music will help you keep your collection organized. Time spent now on recasting your music library will pay you back in the coming years, so expending a little effort will give you the comfort of popular music at appropriate times.

For the best management, create a master folder say “Music” on the first step. Then, develop sub-folders after the names of the “Artists” you listen to. For further ease, create sub-folders in the “Artists” folder, for the tracks “Releasing Years” or “Album Names,” then, place the music in the relative “Album Name.”

For a real music-enthusiast, it will be a good practice to separate the “.mp3”, “FLAC,” “ALAC,” “DSD” tunes. It will provide a better rhythm in the hierarchy of folders, and a logical grouping will make it easy for you to check out the songs.

·         Recognize and label unnamed tracks/files

Next vital step is to identify the unnamed files and tracks and to label them appropriately. Listening to every single track and identifying it, is a tedious and time-consuming activity, and can make you feel disappointed about handling your music library. For this, I recommend using some free application like MusicBrainz Picard, which will perform all this humdrum in a tough time and manner.

Let me help you know about such applications; how they work and execute all these tasks. These applications have a comprehensive database comprising almost all music artists, tracks, releases, and genre. They recognize the tracks using “audio fingerprints” and retrieve the metadata of the song from the online database. Based on this knowledge, they rename your files and place them according to your defined folder structure.

A tiresome task can be done just in minutes with some intelligent help. Now that you have got a complete hierarchy of the songs your library acquires, we need to move on to the next step.

·         Delete the unwanted music

You might have been collecting music for some years, then there must be some tracks that you don’t listen to anymore, or the duplicates of some tunes might also be there in your music library. These are the reasons that are cluttering your library, and you need to remove them to get a clean, untroublesome music collection. You must purge your selection of such stuff. If you are a music fanatic, you may find it difficult to delete music tracks, but what’s done for the best, must be done, because, it will make managing your library an easy task.

Finding the duplicates can be a mind-numbing task, but again, we can use some intelligent help here too. There are various applications for the de-duplication of tracks in the market. Software like WinPure and DQ Global can be used for this chore.

·         Update music metatags

Using a logical and uniform way of naming your folders and files will make this organizing task stress-free. You can apply tags to your music files individually and can fix the metadata of tracks manually. The other way, you may use the applications like MusicBrainz Picard for this mission as well. This application provides another convenience by correctly identifying and tagging the mystery files. It automatically renames the audio files, and depending upon the data from metatags, moves files to the appropriate folders.

·         Create desired playlists

Now with your well-organized music library, you can generate and save your desirable Playlists. Creating Music Playlists is essential as well; here I can tell you how. Making a list might take a bit of our time and effort, but you will enjoy its benefits later. Playlists mostly contain the top favorite tracks, and you can listen to them one after the other without making any struggle. The favorite ones are already piled up in a list, and you won’t have to re-create the file every time. Moreover, you can also create Playlists based upon the genre of music like jazz, folk, rock, disco, etc.

Best free music player 2019__Acquiring a good Music Player helps you relieve some dreary effort and control your music pool in a better way. I want to mention the best music players that you can enjoy for free on your PC:

Ø  MusicBee


Ø  Foobar2000

Ø  JetAudio

Ø  MediaMonkey

For a music fanatic, managing the music library, ordering the tracks and track addresses, updating the metadata of the tunes, and creating desired playlists, is not wearisome. Music enthusiasts will call it a smart investment, as it will pay them back as the comfort and pleasure of the preferred music at needed times. Finding the best way to organize music library 2019 must have provided you with the glee and contentment. Even if you are not much into collecting music, this way of organizing the tracks will still be a matter of great comfort for you.

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