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Best Spotify Music Promotion in USA 2021

Best Spotify Music Promotion in USA 2021

After spending time and energy to create an amazing track on Spotify music promotion, you want to share your songs with the world.

But with so many different tools to promote your music online, it can be difficult to separate the ones that work from the scams.

Today we’ll be looking at some of the best ways you can promote your music using Spotify. We’ll also look at one of the best Spotify promotion companies in the UK to see how they can help you promote yourself on this platform.

Spotify Music Promotion

First though, let’s talk about why you should choose to release your content through Spotify. The music world has changed significantly over time.

Once, radio programmers sorted through tracks and decided who they were going to play on the radio. This meant that talented artists could easily miss out because their track wasn’t to the announcer’s tastes.

Then, the internet age was born, and people started to use streaming services to access their favourite music. This made it easier for talented artists to have their music discovered and appreciated.

Now, record labels use these tools to find promising young artists and help them turn music from a hobby into a full-time career. The easiest way to get the record labels attention is to use Spotify to get people to listen to and enjoy your music.

Why Focus On Spotify?

There are so many music streaming services available online, why choose to promote your music through Spotify?

This Spotify music promotion service isn’t as easy to get started with, requiring you to do more than simply hit the upload button. However, the potential benefits are huge.

First, there is the size of the platform. Spotify is one of the biggest streaming services in the world. It has over 155 million premium subscribers around the world with another 345 million using the free service.

This huge fanbase means that Spotify controls around 37 percent of the global streaming market. As streaming becomes even more important to our lives, the number of people who access the service will continue to grow.

Choosing to ignore Spotify could mean that you are missing out on a huge opportunity for your band.

Making Money With Spotify

Once you’ve decided to put your music on a platform, you want to know how you will that platform will produce money for you. Thankfully, Spotify brings plenty of financial benefits for artists. First, streams contribute to rankings of a song on the Billboard Top 100 and many other charts. Streams contribute around 20 to 30 percent of the songs ranking. This means that if you have a popular streaming track, it can make its way onto the charts. Once charting, you will attract even more fans and the song will make the band even more money.

Another popular way for streaming to make bands money is helping convince fans to purchase the album or attend your concerts. It is common for people who like your content to listen to all the tracks you have uploaded. This helps them become fans of your music. This will make it easier for you to convince them to purchase the albums. However, the goal is to get your fans to attend concerts. These events can be highly profitable, with major artists generating millions of dollars from a successful tour. This is because you can make a percentage of profit from the tickets, food and drink sold at the venue. It also gives you a great opportunity to sell merchandise.

A good show will also help you solidify your link with the fans, making them more likely to support you in the future. They can also help you increase your fanbase, with many people posting on social media from concerts. Spotify will help attract people to your concerts. New research from Nielsen found that 53 percent of people who attended concerts discovered the band on a platform like Spotify.

Finally, Spotify can also produce money for the artist as they pay a small amount for every stream your song receives. The main criticism this model has received is that the amount of money the artist receives for a stream is very small, usually only around a fraction of a cent. However, these small amounts add up over time and can become quite profitable. In fact, some artists can make thousands of dollars each year from streaming alone. With such small amounts per stream how do they make money and why do established artists keep their music on the platform?

Well, with traditional music once you have sold a single or an album, you can’t generate any more profit from those tracks. However, with streaming you can keep making money from the music as people listen to the songs continuously. This means that the potential profit you can make is unlimited. It is common for many popular songs on Spotify to get millions of streams. In fact, Ed Sheeran’s song “Shape Of You” has received over 2 billion streams.

Getting Good Publicity Through Spotify

One of the hardest things for new artists to do is build their image. This will help introduce you to new potential fans and establish your credibility. Getting good publicity will also make venues more willing to allow you to rent their facilities. But what’s the best way to build your image?

Though there are many options that you can take, the best is to get interviewed by reputable music and news outlets. These sources can help put your band in front of the right people. Being reported on will also make it more likely that you will get signed to a contract, so you can take the next step in your music career.

While it can be difficult to get these outlets interested in dedicating time and resources to your band, Spotify can help you convince them to write the story. They will want to be among the first to interview a promising young artist. So, showing that you are gaining traction through streaming services might be enough to get them to write a story about you.

The Problem With Building A Fanbase

By now you’re probably think that Spotify sounds great. It can help you build your career and help your tracks gain popularity globally.

But there’s a problem. With millions of artists on the platform and over 35 million currently available on the platform it can become very easy for newcomers to get overlooked. With so many great songs on Spotify, just uploading your music isn’t going to be enough. Even if you can produce an amazing track, it can easily get lost among the millions of songs on the platform.

You need to find a strategy of getting your music to the people who will appreciate it, allowing it to grow organically. In a bid to have their music heard many people turn to disreputable people, hoping that they will able to use Spotify to help them promote their music. However, some of these people are running scams, designed to rid you of your money. Thankfully, there is a genuine alternative that will help you promote your music and build a fanbase on Spotify. The company is called Pitch Playlist and it is one of the best Spotify promotion companies in the UK.

The Power Of A Playlist

The key to using your songs to build lasting support is getting them is a Spotify playlist. But what is a playlist and how do Pitch Playlist use it to promote your tracks? A playlist is a group of related songs. The idea is to provide the user with songs they will enjoy.

Spotify Music Promotion Playlists are a popular way of listening to music because users don’t need to keep changing between tracks to find the music they like, they can simply turn on the playlist. Now that we know a little more about what playlists are, let’s look at how you can use them to your advantage.

Playlists are the one of the best tools that young artists have at their disposal. If they can get their music into a popular playlist, their track will be exposed to thousands of people. This is the technique used by Pitch Playlist, one of the best Spotify promotion companies in the UK. At first glance this seems very simple, so why hire a professional company to do this? When you are just starting out it can be tempting to handle your music promotion yourself. However, this isn’t always the best idea, as using playlists to promote your brand can be more difficult than you think.

The principals of using playlists to promote your track are simple, but they are often difficult for artists to get right. First, you need to get the song into the playlist. This can be difficult, with many playlists being curated. This means that you need to convince the person or algorithm who selects the songs to include you in the playlist. However, just getting into a playlist isn’t enough. You also need to make sure that your track fits the tone of the playlist. Listeners know what kind of music they like and if your song doesn’t fit their preferences Spotify makes it easy for them to skip your track. If this occurs, your song will be forgotten and all the hard work you put in to make it into the playlist will be wasted.

Thankfully, PitchPlaylist will take prevent this from happening. They’ll match your song with the perfect playlist and allow it to grow in popularity organically. This is why they are considered one of the best Spotify promotion companies in the UK.

Choosing A Manager

Once you have started to make a name for yourself in the music industry, you might want to consider getting a manager to help you turn your passion into your career. 

They will be able to help you book concerts and can negotiate contracts on your behalf. They can also help you capitalise on the momentum gained through Spotify success. When you are just getting started, it can be useful to have an experienced person to guide you through the process. But how can you make sure that you choose the best manager for your band?

When looking for a manager, don’t be afraid to ask for their credentials and question what they will do to help your band grow. Managers can be expensive, so you want to be sure that you are making a good investment. You should also make sure that you all share the same vision for the bands future and that they are just as passionate about the band as you are. Additionally, make sure that the manager gets along with all the members of the band, as you don’t want fights when you are on tour.

Planning Your Future

Advancing from an unknown young artist, to an established industry professional can be difficult. Getting your music recognised in the community can be hard, especially when there are so many established artists vying for the audience’s attention. Fortunately, the advice in this article can help you use the streaming service Spotify to gain traction.

This platform can provide many benefits, including encouraging people to listen to your entire catalogue and attend live events which many artists use to profit from their music and convert people who enjoy their music into loyal fans. To get these results, you need to use Spotify to your advantage, which means getting your music into a popular playlist. Because this can be very challenging, you can benefit from the services provided by Pitch Playlist, one of the best Spotify promotion companies in the UK.

Though it might seem difficult, you can create the music career you’ve always dreamed of. Using the tips of Spotify music promotion discussed in this article, you can master music promotion techniques and get your band signed to a recording contract. So, start investigating the benefits provided by Pitch Playlist today and experience the joy of using Spotify to spread your music around the world.

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