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Viral Spotify Promotion – Make your Music Viral

Viral Spotify Promotion

Indie artists in any industry struggle with getting discovered.

As a result, it is very important that you understand the best approach to this process.

Since Spotify blew up in popularity, this has become one of the best gateways for musicians to build up their fanbase and even potentially get that recognition that they need to succeed.

This isn’t an easy process, but you will learn all about the importance of Viral Spotify promotion and how Spotify can help your career.

Why Choose Spotify As A New Artist

Spotify is easily one of the most popular streaming music services around right now.

There are a lot of music lovers that rely on Spotify to get their music fix.

This means that as a new artist, you are going to be able to tap into this large audience to build up a fan base that you may have struggled to do otherwise.

Spotify is an easy-to-use platform that can really open new doors for you.

To get on Spotify, you need to become a verified artist first.

Spotify for artists can be the best thing for you here, as it allows you to promote your music wherever you are with its app as well as having complete control over your profile.

From there, you can start to create playlists that will get your music out there.

You can even try to get your music on popular playlists, increasing the likelihood of your music getting discovered.

Spotify has a lot of opportunities for new artists to gain visibility.

With Spotify, you can share your music and playlists on social media.

Social media can be a major asset to new artists trying to get discovered.

What makes things even better for artists is that they are releasing a new program where artists will be able to directly upload their own music to the streaming service.

Traditionally, artists were only able to get their music on Spotify through either investing in a 3rd party service or being signed to a label.

The label or 3rd party service will submit their music to Spotify, taking care of the entire process for the artist.

If you are just starting out, this isn’t ideal for you especially if you can’t afford the services of a 3rd party Spotify upload company.

With the new program, artists can upload their music though it won’t be instantly available.

It is recommended that you upload the music to Spotify at least 5 days prior to its release so that you can allow for Spotify to ensure that there is no infringing content in the tracks.

Artists can have complete control over their tracks.

This program also allows artists to review any analytics associated with their music as well as customization tools to make your page stand out.

Importance Of Viral Spotify Promotion

Now that you know just how important Spotify is to your career as an artist, you need to know how you can get the visibility that you are looking for on this service.  However, this can be difficult for you to obtain on your own as you just start out.  Taking advantage of Spotify Viral Promotion will have a significant impact on how successful you are growing your audience.  This is the most effective approach to increasing your visibility.

The concept of Viral Spotify Promotion is simple.

A company will take your track and push it out organically until you start getting a specific number of views or spots on playlists.

Algorithms punish people who try to get away with fake views to gain visibility, which is why it is so important that you only get organic attention to your music.

As your music picks up a high level of attention, Spotify will notice your growing popularity and you will get even more attention.

It all starts with the organic attention that you get from services like Viral Spotify Promotion.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Getting These Services?

With Viral Spotify Promotion, you are getting exposed to real people who listen to music rather than people who are just there to pad your numbers.

These real people will not only add you to their playlists, but they will talk about your music and bring even more attention to you.

When you purchase these promotional services, you can go viral with your amazing song in almost no time at all.

You can land on the lists of taste-makers and curators, which will also offer you even more attention.

What’s even better than this is that once you find yourself on these popular playlists of curators, you can attract the attention of record labels who frequently scour curator playlists to find new talent to sign.

These are all great reasons to invest in your music by purchasing Viral Spotify Promotion services.

With a great song, you could even get over 1 million views with this service.

Landing On Popular Playlists

Did your campaign work?  Are you now on the list of some of the more popular curators?  What you do next can have a massive impact on your future in music.  There are some things that you can do that will take advantage of going viral on popular playlists.  For one thing, share the good news on your social media.  This should be treated as good press for your music, getting a coveted spot on a playlist.  Be sure that you aren’t just sharing your song, rather focus on sharing the entire playlist to help others also get some recognition.  Consider this as paying it forward to other artists.

After the initial thrill of landing on a playlist wears off, it can be extremely helpful to you if you took some time to thank the playlist’s curator for the spot on their list.

This may take some research on your behalf to find who the curator is, but it will be more than worth your time.

Once you find their email, send out a sincere email thanking them for placing your track on their list.

This can help you to build up a solid relationship with the curator, which will make it more likely for you to end up on their popular playlist again.

The more you get on these types of playlists.

Plus, the curator may share their experience with you with other curators.

This can help you get on even more playlists.

You should look around to other playlists to see if your tracks are starting to pop up on their as well, which means you should also thank these curators.

You want to build up a positive reputation in the industry because this will really have an incredible impact on your success.

Curators want to work with musicians that are easy to work with.

If you have a diva-like attitude and act like you are entitled to the attention, this will make curators less willing to display your track.

This is all about building a strong relationship with curators so that your career can thrive.

One of the final things that you can do is to keep an eye on your data.

Spotify has great features where you can see the data to show where your songs are the best performing.

This will help you target where to get your tracks out next time in order to be more successful in getting visibility.

Knowing this can make a huge difference in how viral your music goes.

Other Tips To Consider

Before anything else, you need to be sure that you are putting out high-quality music.  It doesn’t matter how much you pay for services if the music can’t speak for itself.  You want to take a great deal of care in writing and producing your tracks before you release them. It’s extremely important that your music goes viral for a positive reason, not a negative one.  Good music will sell itself when you give it the right tools.  The goal is to find yourself on the more popular playlists.  The problem is that these are highly competitive to get your music on.  If the production value is lacking, these songs won’t stand a chance getting on these playlists even with the help of Viral Spotify Promotion services.

There are also label-curated playlists that can be huge for you to grow in popularity.

What’s important about these types of playlists is that they get a lot of real estate on the main pages of Spotify, increasing the likelihood of people discovering your music.

It isn’t just about making these playlists; it’s about additional data like the length of time people spend listening to your music or how many plays a particular song gets.

If your music is on a playlist but is frequently skipped, this data will reflect poorly on your music.

Alternatively, if you get a lot of play finishes without a lot of skips this can be great for your standing on various playlists.

Support the playlists that play your tracks as this can also help solidify a strong relationship with curators.

If you are going to make your own playlist, remember to also feature other music as well as yours.

It is important that the playlist feels authentic, so you don’t want to cram only your songs in.

Make the song placements natural among other songs that you are really enjoying right now.

Even better, find other new or independent artists and collaborate together on creating a playlist that will increase everyone’s visibility.

This will not only introduce you to their audience, but this will also increase your visibility by being associated with these other acts.

There is a lot that can go into creating these playlists, so by following this advice you are going to get the best advantage to grow your own career.


PitchPlaylist is a site that specializes in getting your music discovered on Spotify. With an approach that is focused on playlists, they can ensure that your views are 100% authentic.  Organic views are important because algorithms punish artists that use spam services to get more views.  The goal of PitchPlaylist is to get their clients on the popular playlists to gain more visibility.

How does this work?

By contacting playlist curators directly, Pitch Playlists finds the best playlists for your music.

They can figure out which playlists are the most suitable for your genre and track, particularly if you are a musician within these genres: Dance, EDM, Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop.

Getting your music on Algorithmic Playlists and Discover Weekly & Release Radar is the ultimate goal that this company has for your music.

To do this, this company will need access to your Spotify for Artists account that you should have already set up.

If you want, they can even update you weekly to tell you how the process is going.

There are different packages that are offered to work for your needs and your budget.

New artists need to make the way for themselves and PitchPlaylist gives them the lift up that they need in order to be as successful as possible.

You want your music on streams, so PitchPlaylist does whatever they can to deliver that.

You made a track that you are proud of, but you just need a little help to get the attention that your music deserves.

You could take the chance with one of those companies that promises that you will get plays on Spotify, but it isn’t just about getting a view.

It’s about how many people actually listen to your song from start to finish.

You could take the easy way out, but if you’re caught you may end up with a suspended account or you can hurt your numbers.

That’s exactly why PitchPlaylist takes an organic approach, ensuring that your listens are 100% authentic.

Getting discovered by a new audience and even a record label can help you get the success that you need to grow as a musician.

This is why you need PitchPlaylist.

Enjoy Guaranteed Placements. Within Global Playlists. In Just a Fewww Clicks

Imagine: you wave a magic wand… and alakazam! Thousands of people hear *your* music.

Make your dreams a reality. Reach 100% real listeners – using a promo campaign.

Once approved, your song can be discovered by 300,000+ playlist followers… AKA potential fans!

Don’t fade in obscurity. Seize your chance – to build a loyal fan-base.

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