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The latest version of Spotify premium free APK comes with many features, and the attributes of the service are: it has a size of 26.11 MB, its version is Final, it’s the premium version of Spotify Music Mod type, can be downloaded from fast Mediafire servers, does not require a survey or any other formalities, it is malware free, the Min Android version is 4.1+, and it does not need any Root to work.

How to install Spotify premium APK mod?

If you are looking to download Spotify premium free APK in your device; follow these simple steps to have it.

Step 1: First of all, sideload the additional APK file and start doing it but download Spotify premium APK file first.

Step 2: open your web browser and look for the downloaded file.

Step 3: when you find it, tap on the button and install it.

Step 4: when it finishes installing, press done and open the app.

Step 5: you will see a mod Spotify premium app.

Step 6: the app will ask you for account details, insert your username and password in the fields.

Step 7: that’s it. You can now enjoy all the premium features of Spotify as soon as you have an account.

Features of Spotify premium APK

By downloading the app, you can use the Spotify premium free APK features without any charges, and you will get a music experience so distinct that you haven’t encountered in your life. The unique features of the APK are:

Offline music: you can download your complete playlist up to 3,333 tracks and enjoy listening to them in traveling or in offline mode or where you do not have an internet connection. The other benefit is that listening to songs offline saves your data as well.

High-quality sound: each music file is available in three different quality standards that are normal, high, and extreme. The last works only in the premium version with a rate of 320kbps which makes your music experience a lot better.

Ad-free songs: you can enjoy your music and soundtracks with any disruption of commercials or advertisements including the ejection of visual ads that keep appearing in the player which causes zero interruption.

Every soundtrack and unlimited skips: with this version of the app, you can skip an unwanted song as many times as you want without any limitation. You just have to find a song and play without waiting for one song to end and getting on to the next one.

When the application is modded, all the features that work on the premium version are available in the Spotify premium free APK too and you get to use them without spending a penny till Spotify comes up with a much stronger security system. Then, you will not be able to use the premium features but that’s not going to happen any time soon, and you can enjoy the highlights for now. But if you feel like it’s worth paying the money, do buy them and support Spotify’s app facilities and artists.

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