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Best Spotify Playlist Promotion Services : Here’s what you need to know

Today, people discover new music in different ways. When I started out as a musician, you absolutely had to have an account on MySpace. Without it, you wouldn’t even be able to find a small local gig! Today, reviews, Twitter followers and Facebook likes just don’t matter as much. A few years ago, having a few thousand followers on your social media was vital. And it wasn’t also very important: it was actually quite impressive. Today, it is almost meaningless. There are so many bands who actually fake their following. They try to trick their audience and the media by purchasing views and likes. However, this practice has been around quite a while so people have gotten smart: fake likes are so easy to spot! Big numbers won’t fool anyone anymore. However, there is one thing that’s actually useful and impressive: Spotify plays! As of 2018, Spotify actually counted well over 170 million active users. The number also includes 75 million paid service subscribers. This is a lot more than other platforms and competing services. Arguably, Spotify still holds the lion share of the market. With such impressive numbers, it is quite easy to understand why it is very important for artists to maintain a strong presence on Spotify. It is still the number one streaming platform out there, and it is still more popular than many other online streaming services. By uploading their music to Spotify, artists have the opportunity to reach out to an incredibly huge amount of listeners. The problem is that finding the right audience isn’t always easy. At times, you can get lucky and find that one of your songs has been picked up on a popular playlist, where it had the chance to reach millions of people. Having said that, most people, unfortunately, aren’t just as lucky, and not

every artist will randomly find their music on a good playlist. What can you do to get your track some exposure on Spotify, and possibly promote it to a playlist curator? Use a Spotify playlist promotion service! But first, there are some things you need to consider before you dive deeper into promoting your music to Spotify listeners: One of the most important things you can do before submitting your music is to actually verify your profile on Spotify. It is quite easy to do if you visit the Spotify for Artists website. More importantly, it is actually a really good opportunity to really explore your options. Once you have a verified profile on Spotify, it’s actually essential to actually pick the right song. If you want to make sure your music attracts an audience, you should pick the song you feel is more representative of your talent. Which song would you consider your strongest track? If you know by heart, pick that one! You’ll be investing money and time into this project. This is exactly why it is very important to make sure that you are absolutely confident in the quality of your release. There are so many artists out there, and frankly, if your music just isn’t good, your chances of success will be really slim. The other day, I’ve actually worked with an artist who wanted to promote a song that he recorded on his phone. He was upset because he simply didn’t get enough traction with his track, and I told him to consider recording a proper “studio version” of his song. Lo and behold, he actually managed to score more listeners with a properly recorded version of his song, rather than with a rough phone recording! Is the song exciting? Is it well-recorded? Is the mix excellent? All of these aspects are very important to consider before you even decide to start promoting your music to playlists. When you don’t know how to pitch your music, and simply don’t have many ideas on contacting the right people, it can be really useful to hire a professional firm to help you with your Spotify playlist promotion needs.

Some people might be a bit skeptical and other bands and artists might be wary of spending money to promote their music, but any business deserves an investment. Much like a company will advertise their products, artists and labels should (and do) advertise their own music, which they have worked so hard to write, produce, and bring to the audience. If you think that your music could truly have some traction if you find the right audience, you should definitely consider giving a shot to promoting it properly. The biggest advantage of hiring one of the best Spotify playlist promotion firms out there, such as Pitchplaylist, is definitely the fact that these companies have a lot of experience in the industry. They are often well-connected, and they know what it takes to put the right songs, in the right playlists, or at least in the inboxes of the right curators!


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