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Real Spotify Playlist Promotion — All you need to Know

Real Spotify Playlist Promotion

Today, the music industry is much different than it was 10 years ago. Back in the day, artists would release albums and do their best to promote their music. A disc with 10-12 tracks was commonplace, and the promotion cycle had a specific vibe to it. You’d phone in bloggers, email physical copies to magazines, ask radios for a slot on the air, and more. Today, people listen to music in a very different way. CD sales have plummeted, and only hardcore music fans buy vinyl records and DIY cassettes. Even more than that, there aren’t many people who still listen to the radio or read music blogs. Why bother with spending so much time and money trying to promote music the old school way? Oh yes, “the times, they are a-changing”, to quote the legendary Bob Dylan. Today, Spotify is definitely one of the best platforms for artists to get noticed. It can help them grow in a very organic way and enjoy a bigger following. Having said that, putting your music on Spotify alone is actually not enough. There are thousands upon thousands of artists on Spotify. They posting new music to the service every single day, making it a huge library of music. According to recent data, there

are already over 2 million artists on Spotify! With such mind-boggling numbers, it’s easy to see why your music might get lost. It’s like the proverbial needle in the haystack! Many artists are wondering the same thing. How can you stand out and get noticed on Spotify? There are millions of artists and bands competing with the audience’s attention span. Getting featured on a playlist might not be exactly a piece of cake if you are on your own! That’s it, you say? Well, getting featured on a playlist is actually easier said than done. The first thing you need to worry about is… what kind of playlist will you feature on? There is an endless amount of playlists on Spotify. Some of them are from regular users. Others are by magazines, radios, companies, and other tastemakers. Even Spotify itself curates its own playlists, which are very popular. Naturally, ending up on the right playlist is very important. Many small artists went from bedroom musicians to instant international hit-makers overnight. This might have happened just because one of their songs featured on a playlist on Spotify. Yes, Real Spotify playlist promotion is actually that powerful! As I’ve mentioned earlier, featuring in a playlist might not always be easy. Some artists might work hard to get their songs featured and never go anywhere. Others might randomly find one of their tracks on a playlist, even if it’s an old song! There are many things you can do to increase your chances of appearing on a popular playlist. It goes without saying, but the first thing you need to do is…have great songs! Make sure your songs are actually worth listening to.

– Refine your songwriting. – Have a great-sounding production. – Make sure that the mixing and mastering of your tracks are up to snuff with what’s already out there. Your music should sound as good as the professional releases on Spotify. If it does not, you won’t have many chances of success. Don’t skimp on the quality of your music, because this isn’t only about making it big: this is who you are! Having said that, there are many strategies you can consider. Assuming you are happy with the quality of your music, go ahead and let it rule the world! One of the best ways to go if you want more chances of being featured on a prominent playlist is to work with a playlist promotion service. There are many companies who work with brands and tastemakers, and even with Spotify itself. They know how to properly promote artists, and get them juicy features on some of the most well-respective playlists on Spotify! Many of these companies actually offer convenient Spotify promotion packages. These special packages cater to a wide range of artists or bands. Whether you are trying to push a single, or you are looking for something more ambitious, the possibilities are endless. Many music promotion firms also offer special custom Spotify promotion packages, crafted specifically to suit the needs and expectation of any given artist.

A real Spotify playlist promotion service will be very upfront with their customers. You should expect a reputable Spotify promotion outlet to explain how the process works. More importantly, you should look for companies who offer organic real Spotify playlist promotion. What does that mean? Well, that means that real people listen to your music, not just numbers pumped by machines! It’s a little bit like those fake Twitter followers: what’s the use of having 5K followers if none of them are real people and nobody cares about your tweets? It’s the same for Spotify playlists. You don’t want to artificially pump the numbers. You want real followers who really care about your music, and can potentially make it even bigger by sharing it! Pitchplaylist is one of the best real Spotify playlist promotion companies out there. They focus on real, organic promotion, which means that they can help you introduce your music to a much bigger audience. Find out more about Pitchplaylist, and do not miss out on the chance to get your music featured on the best Spotify playlists! (

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